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  1. Know the size and categorization of your business
    • The government allots grant amounts according to the size and type of organization or business.
    Grants are given to nonprofit organizations, education organizations, housing organizations and Native American organizations. Small business grants are allotted according to the size and standard of the business. Assess the categorization and size of your business and check it against government guidelines.
  2. Submit the small business grant application on behalf of your business
    • It's important to make sure the grants you apply for are intended for organizations, not individuals, and that you apply as a business entity and not as one person.
    These types of grants are categorized separately by the government and applying for grants that are intended for sole individuals on behalf of your business will slow down the application process and could cause your grant to be rejected.
  3. Common questions you will be asked when applying for a government small business grant will include why you are applying for the grant, how much debt your business has, the nature of your business, how the grant money will be used, which financial managers within your company will be handling the grant money, and how the improvements made to your company or organization with the grant money will benefit your community. Think about these questions before you apply and be honest.
  4. Have the necessary information available
  5. Register your organization
    • You must register your business or organization with the federal government's grant program before you can apply for grants.
    The application process is done online at and can be completed in 3 - 5 business days. Be sure to complete all steps of the process in full, because incomplete information can make the process take much longer to complete.
  6. Complete the grant application package
    • Once you've registered, download the online package with a tutorial on how to apply for a government small business grant.
    Complete all the necessary steps, fill in all the fields required and save your work as you go to avoid losing any important information. Once completed, you can submit your grant application package online.
  7. Track the status of your small business grant application online
    • Use the name, password and identification number given to you upon completion of the registration process to track the status of your application.
    This will allow you to see whether your grant application has been approved and to get information about how to proceed with the application process once your grant application has either been denied or approved for funding.
  • You may still qualify for financial aid, even if you don't meet the non-profit or educational requirements of obtaining a federal grant. Find out how to obtain a low-interest loan or other financial assistance programs by contacting the Small Business Administration or other state or federal agencies.

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2004-04-16 22:08:24 by mbl

Need grant for literacy project in Richmond

Does anyone have any information about small grants (up to $25,000) for literacy? I have designed a program and product that I hope will be self-sustaining within a year, but need $ to get the business off the ground. I am a special ed teacher in Richmond CA and am hoping to develop my product nationally after a year of working with it locally. It aims to bridge the gap between home and school and trains parents in some teaching methodology so they can be empowered to help their children. Etc etc. There are thousands of foundations out there that have grant application processes, how do I filt

2010-08-31 15:28:45 by landlord100

Take your business to the next level

I am just passing along some very important information to Small Business Owners in BC. You might not be aware but the provincial government is offering a $5000 grant to train and educate business owners and their employees to all small businesses (1-50 employees) as part of their stimulus package to help grow the economy. I am putting this out there for everyone who would like to take advantage of the grant and take their business to the next level. My mom is a Day Care owner and took advantage of the grant and it has worked out great for her.If you like to know more about it or the course that you can take please free to contact me
If you need help with the application process or the course that fits your needs please contact me and I can help you

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