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The Federal government does not provide grants for starting a business. Generally, Federal grants are only available to non-profits, state and local governments and larger businesses engaged in government-sponsored scientific research. Some small business grants can be obtained from non-profit organizations and a few state government agencies for specific types of businesses.

However, federal, state and local government agencies provide loan guaranty programs that make it easier for small businesses to obtain start-up and expansion loans from commercial lenders.

Use our Loans and Grants Search Tool to find a broad range of financial assistance programs for which your business might qualify.

Visit the Small Business Loans guide to get general information about loans and how to apply for them.

2006-02-08 14:56:05 by ineedhelpplease

Are there grants or loans out there for

For low income single moms (with bad credit) who want to start a business?
I've googled and find myself getting nowhere.
I'm starting to find myself getting my life a little more "together" and would like to start a small business that I've had in mind for years. Having just lost the only income we've had for years, I'm in a position to either go back to work, or start the business I've had in mind.
If somebody can just lead me in the proper direction, I'll do the research myself. I just feel like I'm getting nowhere in the search I'm currently doing.
Thanks in advance for any ideas.

2007-10-28 08:59:28 by Flagmeagain

FED grant/loan Q's

Seems to be an overwhelming presence of spam cops in here convicting innocent people.
My post was legit moron. I am self employed looking for advice and opinions on Federal level grants and loans for small business.
Ill post my questions again:
Is it worth the time to apply for fed grants and loans?
Are there legit resources out there that are NOT third party blow-hards who simply collect a fee for passing along information that is available for free?
What are the odds of actually getting federal assistance for a private company? (contractor working on fed/state projects)
If it matters, my company is already in biz and functioning at a profitable level, but has very positive potential for huge growth.

2008-05-15 15:59:24 by --

Build your business and donate your time

You might be able to get a small business loan IF you have an excellent business plan and so, a way to pay back the loan.
Grants are given primarily to non-profit organizations; very few to individuals (and these are usually for study or to create art).
Think of it this way: Why would I, the funder, give you free money to start or support your money-making business, no matter how noble your cause?
Either find a non-profit in your community who would welcome a donation of your healing services while you build your for-profit business, or build up your business in the usual way: marketing, networking, building referrals from happy clients, long, long hours of hard work, etc

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