Grants for Female small Business Owners

Compassion Travel Worldwide Wins March Amber Grant | Grants for
  1. Create a business plan.
    • Go to the Small Business Administration's website,, to get advice on writing a business plan.
  2. Research grant opportunities extensively. The following websites and organizations are good places to check.
    • Visit the Small Business Administration Office of Women's Business Ownership. They have several grant opportunities for women every year. Go to to evaluate them. There are approximately 26 industry-specific agencies that give grants to women business owners or startups.
    • Call your state branch of the Women's Business Center. Organized through, this office may have state specific grant information. Go to for a list of these offices.
    • Research Amber Foundation grants. These grants are usually for $500 to $1, 000. Apply at
    • Apply for a Count-Me-In grant. These grants are available to applicants in amounts varying from $500 to $10, 000. They often focus on women who want to make a million dollar enterprise. Go to to learn more.
    • Research prospective grants at This search engine will allow you to sift through a number of different sites with a wide range of financing opportunities.
    • Go to the Women's Funding Network. This non-profit gives annual grants to help women start and maintain their own businesses.
    • Go to to search through a list of science and higher education-based grant opportunities.
    • Go to to find specific government grant applications. This website includes all government grant opportunities, so you may find grants that are not gender-specific, but you may qualify for them because of the type of business you own.
    • Read the grant information and grant applications thoroughly. You will need to ensure you qualify before you invest the time in applying. Request more information from the granting organization if you need it.
    • Keep track of application deadlines. Once you have a list of grants you are eligible for, you should immediately ensure that you are able to meet all deadlines. Late grant applications will not be accepted.
    • Gather the elements of your grant applications. If you are applying for more than 1 grant, you are likely to have some overlap. The following are documents you may need to have:
      • An application form. All grant opportunities will have a form that you must fill out. Read it thoroughly to identify how it should be filled out and whether you must gather important financial or industry information before completing it.

2009-09-28 05:23:21 by pbp


Have you contacted Score-Chicago?
In general, grants are for nonprofits but there are some grants available for small business.
The other place to look is the Small Business Admin
Good luck.

2004-02-01 14:36:22 by Odessa4753

Seeking help locating small business grants

I would like to open a gift shop and am seeking the ever-popular free money options that may be available. I am both a woman and have a disability (thus financially "disenfranchised"), which may help me get some kind of grant or other free money. I need help finding where to apply for these holy grails of funding.

2008-05-16 19:29:48 by russnaturalist

Small business administration

Would be the place to go for a loan.
Ask your city's economic development department about local grants.
Ask for free space for 1 year in any building w/ a vacant storefront on condition that you will rent at normal prices when your business is up and running. If a landlord has a commercial building w/ 3 or 4 vacant storefronts, they might let you in for free just to keep an eye on the place and make it look lived in so they can attract paying tenants.
Also, try sharing space w/ a psychologist, physical therapist, dance studio, etc

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