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My wife and I are planning to open a cupcake franchise location. I know there are many government grants available for various purposes. Can you tell me if there are government grants for small business and where to start my search. If a grant is not available, what is the best SBA loan program for small business. I have reviewed many SBA loan programs but a bit confused as to the best to pursue.

First off thanks for your patience on this answer. I wanted to do some research and be sure I could give you the best answer for your particular question as I am not an SBA agent or specialist. However I do believe in researching and finding answers for our entrepreneurs!

I have spoken with a specialist in regards to both aspects of your question and have even spoken with a couple of private grant writers that have experience in the realm of finding and applying for grants for profit businesses.

Here are the results I came up with:

1. Small business grants are FAR and few between. If you even qualify for one, it would have to be in a redevelopment area, like the Ward 5 area here in Las Vegas, NV.

Even then, you would have to be a business that is under certain conditions financially. Most times, when business grants are farmed out they get whittled down to the state, county and city levels. Once they have been, they usually turn into business loans. SBA has their list of approved lenders and you can get that list from your local office.

2. Don't worry too much about what program is good for your business. Try this first: Go back to the franchisor and ask them who they are already dealing with, if anyone. they should have some kind of agreement with someone already that has SBA lending approval, or a lending institution that may have connections to the SBA.

If not, contact your local SBA and they can help you find an approved lender that will be able to help you figure out the right program for your type of business. Also, be sure you are a franchisee not a licensee like 7-eleven does. You are afforded a lot more as an actual franchisee rather than a licensee.

It's not that small business grants do not exist, it's that they are extremely hard to find, and you're better off working with the SBA and letting them help you find the right program for you. The SBA is available and will try to help as best they can. Once you do find your lender, make sure you follow the blue print from your franchisor--they didn't get successful by throwing a bunch of ideas at the wall to see what sticks. Their business plan is meant for you to succeed.

Keep it rollin!

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2005-07-23 15:23:31 by thirtythree

Gov't grants for small business start-up?

We are starting a small crafts and games co. So far we are working the craft shows and setting up a website/e-store etc.
BUT Does anyone know if the the gov't really hands out 'millions of dollars' every year for small business start-up like they say on T.V.? Or is this a crock of shit-people just trying to get you to buy their books and such?
As I understand it grants are only given for non-profits...
Does anyone know the facts and if it is possible to get a grant for a 'for profit' biz..can anyone give me some advice on where to research this stuff?
Any help would be appreciated.

2006-03-29 11:26:27 by bizgirl

Starting a small business- funding

Has anybody started their own small business? did you look into getting grants? there are a lot of grants for women starting their own small business but I don't feel confident enough to make a decision on which engine to use. HELP! also, i would love to talk to a women who has started a small business of her own-from scratch.

2007-10-05 08:19:26 by toomuchcoffeewoman

Women and Small Business

Myself and another woman are considering starting a small business. We decided that we would like to see us build a day care that provides service to those parents who make too much to qualify for state stuff like head start, etc. However make too little to keep their children in a structure full-time day care.
I heard a while back that the government provides grants to women small business owners that will provide something for their community.
Does anyone know of any resource that may help her and I get started on our goals? Any info is very much appreciated.

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