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Women-Owned GrantAshley Phelps, creator of GLOB arts and crafts products which are sourced from natural, recyclable and biodegradable materials.

EILEEN FISHER Is Proud to Support Women Entrepreneurs through Its Annual Business Grant Program

The EILEEN FISHER grant program seeks applicants from wholly women-owned businesses that combine the principles of social consciousness, sustainability and innovation to take their established businesses to the next stage of their business plan.

In addition to the key social principles, each applicant is required to have a solid business plan and a strategy for long-term growth. Each of the five grant recipients receives a $12, 500 grant plus mentoring from internal EILEEN FISHER teams and a trip to New York City for a three-day workshop with EILEEN FISHER committee members and past grant recipients.

Instilling confidence in women entrepreneurs is a personal passion of company founder Eileen Fisher. "This is a terrifying time for businesses, " says Eileen. "I know how important it is to have someone believe in and validate your work, I want to encourage women entrepreneurs and firmly believe that business can be used to create social change, even if the economic climate is uncertain."

"The credit market is still tight for small businesses, even as the economy rebounds, " adds Cheryl Campbell, EILEEN FISHER Business Grant Facilitator. "In this economy, we want to continue to inspire women to pursue new opportunities and creative solutions that will move their businesses forward in a sustainable way."

The EILEEN FISHER Business Grant Program for Women Entrepreneurs was launched in 2004 with a single grant to commemorate the company's twentieth anniversary. Since then, five grants have been awarded each year. The guidelines for the annual Women-Owned Business Program are continuing to evolve, and the grant applications are typically open annually from early March through May.

To apply, your business must be:

  • Innovative
  • 100 percent women-owned
  • Producing products or services that foster environmental and economic health in the community
  • A for-profit business or a for-profit/nonprofit hybrid (social enterprise). (Nonprofit organizations may be eligible for funding through other programs listed on our grant page.)
  • In operation for at least three years and ready to move to the next stage of its business plan

Please note: No organization or agency may charge for this application. Please report any unauthorized solicitations to

The 2013 EILEEN FISHER Women's Business Grant Cycle is now closed.

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2005-12-02 06:08:18 by bluesapphire7

Seeking private investor for Hot New Company....

It never hurts to post an email to try and find a private investor for the company I am starting. I am willing to give part ownership in the company (silent partner) which, when it gets up and running will be very successful. I am a woman and I'm in the process of seeking funding available via grants from the government (Fed/State)because I know there are funds available for women owned businesses. I do not need a significant amount of money and I am open to negotiation on percentage of ownership. So far, from what I can tell my idea for a business has not been done yet, which makes me a pretty lucky girl

2008-10-20 19:10:40 by -

There are no black people grants and no women

The Small Business Administration can be helpful in securing capital (ie, loans) for small businesses, but they generally don't mess with businesses as small as the one you're mentioning.
There are no grants. This is my industry. I know. People ask all the time and there is no such thing.
She can contact the licensing agency and ask what assistance they provide aspiring daycare owners. There will probably not be financial help, but there can be other kinds. Also google "micro loans" and see if anyone in your area is still giving them out.

2003-04-17 14:24:00 by Beentherdonethat2

First forget your age...

Don't use it as a hinderance and stop waving it like a banner.
Be the way you were at 25. I kid you not. Look in the mirror and say, I'm talented..if no one else can see it, its their loss!
Then you find what you want to do. Don't pack it in. Don't have a child because they tell ya having one after 35 is crap. Many women have them until 48 now and many are fine and healthy. Don't crochet, you're not bloody granma moses..
..unless crocheting is your hobby and you can sell your wares on e-bay or at rummage sales, farmers markets or bazarrs. Bingo, small business.

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