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Women-Owned GrantAshley Phelps, creator of GLOB arts and crafts products which are sourced from natural, recyclable and biodegradable materials.

EILEEN FISHER Is Proud to Support Women Entrepreneurs through Its Annual Business Grant Program

The EILEEN FISHER grant program seeks applicants from wholly women-owned businesses that combine the principles of social consciousness, sustainability and innovation to take their established businesses to the next stage of their business plan.

In addition to the key social principles, each applicant is required to have a solid business plan and a strategy for long-term growth. Each of the five grant recipients receives a $12, 500 grant plus mentoring from internal EILEEN FISHER teams and a trip to New York City for a three-day workshop with EILEEN FISHER committee members and past grant recipients.

Instilling confidence in women entrepreneurs is a personal passion of company founder Eileen Fisher. "This is a terrifying time for businesses, " says Eileen. "I know how important it is to have someone believe in and validate your work, I want to encourage women entrepreneurs and firmly believe that business can be used to create social change, even if the economic climate is uncertain."

"The credit market is still tight for small businesses, even as the economy rebounds, " adds Cheryl Campbell, EILEEN FISHER Business Grant Facilitator. "In this economy, we want to continue to inspire women to pursue new opportunities and creative solutions that will move their businesses forward in a sustainable way."

The EILEEN FISHER Business Grant Program for Women Entrepreneurs was launched in 2004 with a single grant to commemorate the company's twentieth anniversary. Since then, five grants have been awarded each year. The guidelines for the annual Women-Owned Business Program are continuing to evolve, and the grant applications are typically open annually from early March through May.

To apply, your business must be:

  • Innovative
  • 100 percent women-owned
  • Producing products or services that foster environmental and economic health in the community
  • A for-profit business or a for-profit/nonprofit hybrid (social enterprise). (Nonprofit organizations may be eligible for funding through other programs listed on our grant page.)
  • In operation for at least three years and ready to move to the next stage of its business plan

Please note: No organization or agency may charge for this application. Please report any unauthorized solicitations to

The 2013 EILEEN FISHER Women's Business Grant Cycle is now closed.

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2008-08-15 14:24:12 by matt19791979

Were to find funding for a small business

Hello im trying to find funding through grants to start a small business with a friend of mine we both work full time jobs that end in the summer and we wouold like to start a small lawn care business. but for some reason i cant find any grants to apply for if someone knows of a web site that will gide me along the way i wold like for it to be free not one that you have to pay to get the info and then you have to pay more to get what your looking for kinda thing. please hit me back if you got any info that might help

2009-07-06 06:28:05 by FWLittle

New Business Funding

I would suggest you become connected in some fashion to a local university, if for no other reason than contacts and research services. Starting a US business is no small undertaking, the competition is intense. Your contacts or networking capability will make the ultimate difference in your ability to survive. As will your professionalism of presentation of the opportunity you offer your investors, the market you will exploit and your personal ability to direct the proceedings. Businessmen have little time for unprofessional appeals by aspiring entrepreneurs. You must talk their language well, fast and correctly if you hope to obtain their further interest

2009-07-16 21:33:31 by FWLittle


I've gone round and round with CLMO on this. Grants are available - to vastly technical, medical and other research causes. Despite what you have heard, grant money is hard to get. If you browse grant, you begin to see the difficulty. An insight into obtaining grants, usually aimed toward real estate development or
renovation can be obtained by contacting National Grants in Florida. For around $4,500 you can take an introductory course for three DAYS. College counselors are authorities on grants - academic ones usually. Talk to a counselor. Your best bet for business funding is the Small Business Association, SBA

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