Private Grants for Small Business

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Being your own boss and starting the business of your dreams is an exciting prospect. But without sufficient capital, it's hard to make a start-up start. While there are many ways to finance a business, few are as grants--money you receive and don't owe back. And while there are grants out there, they aren't always so easy to obtain. You have to do your homework, be ready and stay persistent.

Public Grants

Before you can get a grant, you have to know what kinds of grants you are eligible to receive. This can be hard work because there grants come from many sources--public and private. That said, one of the best places to start is the federal government, which has a site listing all federal grants available. You have to explore all the varieties to see how you might qualify. A number of grants are earmarked for minority business. However, with a few very rare exceptions, the federal government does not grant to new for-profit businesses for start-up and expansion. Non-profit businesses are eligible for many federal grants in research, education, medicine, and technological development. The Small Business Administration helps businesses locate capital and can help shortcut your grant searching process. Contact one of their offices to get help. The SBA also operates a website that helps small business owners locate state funded grants throughout the nation. Most states set aside special funds to support small business growth. This, in turn, stimulates local economies. Small, for-profit businesses have a greater chance of receiving state grants which sometimes include small businesses. For example, California's Specialty Crop Grant Block doesn't discriminate against small businesses so long as a business has a worthy project or endeavor in the agricultural sector that leads to development of a number of crops the state wants to promote.

Private Grants

Many private organizations, including non-profits, give grants to help jump-start small businesses. Usually, private grants relate to the type of recipient. For example the Women's Financial Fund gives grants to small businesses founded by women. Similarly, the Jewish Federation offers grants to Jewish businesses and organizations. Unlike federal grants, which are cataloged by the government, private grants require you to do more searching based on your background, ethnicity, location, industry and other factors which private foundations may use as criteria for grant giving. Many private organizations list their grants with the Small Business Administration. SBA can refer you to participating private entities.


Grant applications vary widely based on the grant's purposes and stated requirements. One commonality, however, is that they are usually detailed. Prepare a detailed business plan showing, not only how your business will work, but how and when it will start turning a profit. If your business has already begun, you should prepare detailed financial statements to show how it is performing. Most grants require extensive writing to state your purpose, motivation and specifically how you will use the money. Be prepared to write at length and very clearly and concisely. Because this is a challenging project to undertake, there are professional grant writers available for hire. If your writing skills are an issue for you, a grant writer can be worth the money.

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Contact the Small Business Authority

In your state about start-up grants and loans for small businesses - they should have a variety of programs for entrepreneurs, but I doubt they'll have one specific to a craft and game business. Also check for public and private entrepreneur groups in your area - that will probably be your best resource.

2005-12-02 06:08:18 by bluesapphire7

Seeking private investor for Hot New Company....

It never hurts to post an email to try and find a private investor for the company I am starting. I am willing to give part ownership in the company (silent partner) which, when it gets up and running will be very successful. I am a woman and I'm in the process of seeking funding available via grants from the government (Fed/State)because I know there are funds available for women owned businesses. I do not need a significant amount of money and I am open to negotiation on percentage of ownership. So far, from what I can tell my idea for a business has not been done yet, which makes me a pretty lucky girl

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The tuition is the same for everyone

It's a private institution.
i didn't go there since they didn't have the program i was interested. but some of my friends went.
my ma program friends paid from their own pocket, or their company paid for them. also some of them applied for financial aid and got small amount of money - some several thousand, which is not enough to cover even a tuition. they all went to the business program.
my bf is in ph.d. program in science and got his money from fellowship and grants offered by the school and nsf.

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