Small Business Grants for Single Moms

Grants can help a single mom make her business dream a reality.Grants can help a single mom make her business dream a reality.

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Private foundations, the federal government, state governments and many organizations award grants to small businesses and much of the money is earmarked for specific populations like women, minorities and nonprofits. Grants for a single mom's business are awarded on the merit of the proposal and the business plan. Membership in a niche population may get you the opportunity to have your request read, but it requires viability, innovation and stellar presentation to get it funded.

The Basics

Grants are typically targeted to specific goals and serve particular populations; this is most always the case with foundation and corporate giving. The type of business you operate or intend to start and your business structure determine which agencies or organizations are most likely to entertain your proposal and award you funds. The Small Business Administration will help you develop and polish your business plan and provide counseling and training. It also works with business owners to obtain the grant funding they need, and the SBA's services fit perfectly into a single mom's budget. They're free.

Federal Programs

The National Science Foundation may award grants for a single mom's business if she is engaged in software development and the Department of Justice may do so if she is working with delinquent or other at-risk youth. Finding federal funding starts with locating the right agency. Ask your SBA representative to help you find such funding or search the government database at Be aware that the majority of federal grants are awarded to state and local governments and registered 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporations.

State Funding

Many states fund supplemental grants in addition to administering the federal programs. Contact your state economic development office to determine which grants are available to assist a single mom's business in your location. Stay alert for special events and contests that may award funding to a single mom's business; for instance, Charter One Bank awarded $130, 000 in grant funds to small businesses in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2011. Your SBA counselor or economic development representative can help keep you abreast of special funding opportunities in your area.

Foundations and Organization

Private gifts are most often disbursed to nonprofit businesses and organizations in specific regions and typically fund projects that are closely aligned with the donor's products, services and corporate culture. 3M funds health and human services, education, science and environmental projects in the communities where its major U.S. facilities are. The Juvenile Justice Fund in Atlanta helps businesses that serve children affected by the court system, providing basic necessities like eyeglasses and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds educational projects in the Pacific Northwest. Use a reputable website like the Foundation Center to locate the grants for a single mom's business available in your area.

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Grants for small business

Yes, there are grants for small business but what Matthew Lesko doesn't tell you is that most of those grants are tied to Poor zones females, and minorities.
If you are a black female who wants to open a business in some poor enterprise zone somewhere, you can find lots of money options.
That prick Lesko has been taken to court several times. Personally, I went and looked at his book at my local Library. Cost me a little time and saved me a fortune in the cover price.
he's just another version of those pricks who sell shit by infomercial on late-night television.
I have yet to meet anyone who millions selling real Estate, selling for SMC, reselling all those...

2005-08-31 14:26:30 by redandred


Then you don't know 'everything' about the industry.
Where to others get their financing? How about consignment? Some very high end shops may take a consignment, especially if you offer a freebe.
How about small business grants or loans. There are alot of grants for minorities, under the assumption you are female at the least.

2011-03-01 06:48:49 by comsenamer

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