Easy Marketing Ideas for Small business

by on March 27, 2013

Social-media-image-for-blog Marketing your small business can seem like a daunting task, and sometimes we just need a little guidance to set things in motion. Here are some tips that you can easily implement into your monthly routine to ensure that your brand is communicating properly with your target audience. Follow these steps and you will be on your way to better engaging your audience and achieving better success!

1) Be personal and authentic in your communication – With social media at the forefront of marketing and communications today, it is imperative that you communicate on a personal level. People are more inclined to participate with your brand if they know there is a real live person behind the brand identity who cares about them. Newsletters are more appreciated if they’re written from a personal perspective, addressing the individual with expert advice that can help the audience reach their goals.

2) Leverage your Network – your friends, colleagues and social network are your biggest asset. Ask for referrals and testimonials from people you know or have done great work for. We are more likely to purchase a product if our friends have had a great experience with it. Create a “Friend Referral Program” or provide other incentives — like deals, discounts and rewards on your services – when people say good things about your company. Doing this consistently will greatly expand your network reach to a genuinely interested audience.

3) Google rankings – As we all know, getting to the top of Google can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Have no fear: there are lots of ways to build your search engine rankings without blowing your budget. Our number one recommendations? Put your business on Google maps: this is a great way to get to the top of the list! Generate quality content that your target audience can learn from or be entertained by. Being consistently active on Twitter and Google Plus are fun, easy ways to increase your Google ranking, while adding shareable links to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest posts drive traffic to your website or blog. Today, the best way to rise to the top in search is to consistently produce content that is relevant (use your keywords here) and shareable.

4) Create your own TIPS – People like tips! A quick, fun list is a great way to provide useful information to your audience. If you want to kick it up a notch, create a video for them! Video is a great way to show the face behind the brand, creating an indelible personal connection.

5) Photos are king – People love to share inspirational, sarcastic and funny photos. Join the trend by putting together some current text and quotes that appeal to your crowd and the type of people you think would appreciate it. This is a great way to access your fans’ network without being “markety.” People will see who created the image and share it via the original source (you), creating brand visibility and adding a few likes along the way. Plus, you’ll probably make someone’s day!

6) Collaborate with the competition – Working with other like-minded business owners can help promote new ideas and products. Because your audience already exists on social media – and so does theirs – collaborating is a natural and friendly way to seek out social media users who are interested in learning more about the products or lifestyle you offer.

7) Create contest giveaways – People love to win things! Especially if those things are highly valuable, unusual or difficult to acquire. Make sure what you’re giving away is a conversation starter, something that people want to tell others about. Use Facebook ads to further promote your contest, as the ads employ a targeted tagging system to ensure you’re reaching the right people.

Houghton Mifflin Guerilla Marketing: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits from Your Small Business
Book (Houghton Mifflin)
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Some Ideas

Try getting the book "Small Business Marketing for Dummies". This will cover all the basics. The thing you alway have to knwo about advertising and marketing is that you have to keep at it. HOw many ads did you place on Craigslist and how many responses did you get? Always look at the nubmers and no matter what method you go for, always keep an eye on which ways bring in the most response by percentages and you always have to keep at it, even when you have a bunch of clients at the moment you have to keep the cycle up to ensure there are more clients when those jobs are done.
Create a brochure, flyer and postcard to show off your skills

2004-04-06 21:08:31 by andotherstuff

Something you can quit easily

Besides something that is easy to quit, get 20-30 hours/week in if you can survive on the pay.
Also, penny pinch. That will sound painful, but your business expenses will slowly grow on your standby job as you continue to grow your business.
Invest in Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson. His book helped me immensely, listing all the hundreds of ways to market your business for next to nothing.
Keep EVERY receipt. If you aren't familar with working as a self employed person, every receipt is potentially deductible if it relates to your business.
Job ideas for the interim:
sales where you have a small base salary

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