Ideas for Opening a Small Business

DANIA, FL - FEBRUARY 10: A player launches th...Only those with money, special skills and a lot of luck can start a successful business, right?

The fact is there are myriad enterprises waiting to be hatched that don’t require gobs of capital and fancy degrees. We’re not talking about the next Google, Microsoft or General Electric here, but tidy, profit-generating outfits all the same. Better yet, you get to bust down those cubicle walls and be your own boss.

To canvass for ideas, we teamed up with Adams Business (a unit of F+W Media), publisher of The Start Your Own Business Bible, released this month. The book contains 501 “new ventures you can launch today, ” each with its own breakdown—including the startup funding required (as little as $500 in some cases), an overview of the product or service, the typical fee structure, initial equipment needed, hidden costs, operational tips and more—to give budding entrepreneurs an idea of what they’re getting into. (Author Richard Walsh was unavailable for comment.)

In Pictures: 20 Businesses You Can Start Tomorrow

Here are 20 of the more compelling, easy-to-start businesses, spanning a range of industries, customer segments and initial funding needs. Some are quirkier than others, and all are within reach for those with a healthy supply of common sense and determination. And, yes, luck always helps.

These Businesses Require Between $5, 000 and $15, 000 In Startup Costs

Networking Services

Description: With the unemployment rate at 9.1%, you’ll find a wide market of people clamoring for a leg up. Give it to them by organizing a series of small after-work mixers at a local hotel and advertise them on a regular basis. Supply a few light refreshments and a speaker, and then let people mingle.

Fees: admission fee. Offer discounts to those who leave their business cards so you can build a mailing list.

Tools of the Trade: Phone, computer, database software.

Tip: Works well in a metropolitan area where you can hold multiple mixers a month in different locations.

Hidden Costs: List rental fees and insurance.

Online Internet Researcher

Description: You’re surfing the Web daily. Why not get paid for it?

Fees: $45 per hour to start. Increase your hourly rate as you develop your reputation.

Tools of the Trade: Computer and high-speed internet access.

Tip: Focus one or two types of information so that you can get deliver meaningful results quickly.

Hidden Costs: Initial marketing efforts.

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2008-03-07 09:51:29 by spenrosi

Small gift for new business...any ideas?

My friends are opening a new Chiropractic office and I wanted to get them something for luck. I'm not working right now, so I'm really looking to stay around $20. I need it for today so I can't order online.
I was thinking a small money tree (pachira) but I think they're over budget and I'm sure someone will bring them bamboo...

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