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Damn you scumbag steve brain

The Small Business Blogging Conundrum

Before I get into the details of the post,lets go ahead and address the elephant in the room.

I get it.

You’re a small business owner,which probably means you’re also a small business marketer,or you have “a guy/gal” who handles your marketing for you. This might be a buddy from college who you met through intramural flag football that couldn’t tell you the difference between a page view and a unique visitor.

So why would you want them handling the important task of writing content for your marketing website much less doing any thing else marketing related for your business? They do not have the expertise,so why use them? You do what’s convenient,not necessarily what’s right.

I get it.

You probably don’t have the time or budget to find,hire,and micro-manage someone else to write marketing copy for you,yet understand the importance of high-quality content marketing; blog posts,email marketing,social media,etc. The thing is,you have all of those things,you’re just making excuses and selling yourself short.Bolton knows Small Business BloggingYou’re a rock star!

You probably have a website,and chances are,you have the ability to publish content to that website. So,why not write blog posts yourself? No one knows your business,and your customers (see readers) like you do. If you don’t have a website that you can edit yourself,check out my recommended list of website building tools. Think about it,if you’re not blogging,and your competitors are,they’re making out like bandits with customers that could/should be yours. Set aside 1-2 hours every week to write a blog post on one of the 13 topics below.

Before you say that’s too much time,consider this stat I found in an recent ebook from Inbound Marketing giants :

“Companies with blogs get 55% more website traffic,and that number goes up exponentially whether you post once a week,twice a week,and then up to several times a day – wherein you become a thought leader in your field. Our advice? Blog as often as you can while keeping the content valuable for your prospects.”

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2009-03-27 15:07:17 by Altman

Ideas for small fun home food business?

For a fun small family business my sister and I want to make a small home food business.
Yes I know about licensing and health inspections.
And yes I know the economy is slow, but we're looking for more of a fun side project to do for fun than something we're going to sweat over.
My question is what are some good food ideas for a small home business?
I personally think big, so I think of doing things we can mail. Cakes, cookies, sweets, food as gifts. Maybe diabetic or vegan or healthier treats.

2007-11-30 15:58:29 by kyla18

Ideas for a small dog related business?

I am looking into starting a dog related business with a friend in Las Vegas, NV. We are thinking along the lines of dog daycare, grooming, or a small boutique. We both have large and XXXL dogs with short hair and we would want to offer cute large dog tees.
Does anyone have any ideas of neat items that you would want to buy but cannot find? Or any advice?

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