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Coming up with marketing ideas for small business in 2012 can be a challenge. With the wide array of marketing options available, it is important to invest time and money into the most effective marketing ideas for your business.

This list will provide great marketing ideas for any small business, while being mindful of the major changes that have been occurring in the online world in 2012 - in particular with Google and the rise of mobile.

In addition, the Internet offers great options to market effectively without requiring a big budget. The trade-off, of course, is that you have to invest time and effort instead. However, the rewards for well implemented small business Internet marketing initiatives in 2012 can be huge.

Top 5 marketing ideas for small business

Let's start with a few interesting facts relating to Internet marketing, and marketing for small business in general:

  1. Despite the enormous potential of the Internet to reach people anywhere in the world, "local" search is becoming more and more popular - especially for small business
  2. Tablet sales will likely overtake PC sales sometime in 2013, for the first time ever
  3. Google is now open for product placement bidding above organic search results

With these major changes in mind, here is my list of the top 5 marketing ideas for small business in 2012:

1. Local advertising

Google has started to put more emphasis on the local influence of content. One of the best strategies for online growth is to "conquer" small pockets of the overall target market.

Going local helps to focus your marketing efforts and make your business more relevant to the people who are exposed to it.

  • Claim your free business listing on sites like Google Places and FourSquare.
  • Become a member of the local chamber of commerce, and network like mad.
  • Find and list with local search directories.
  • Get reviews on sites that focus on localities, like Yelp.
  • Learn to localize your SEO efforts.

2. Mobile advertising

More and more Web traffic is flowing through mobile devices. That trend is set to continue and quicken pace as more and more people start using tablets for their on-the-fly convenience.

Fortunately, you don't have to worry too much about redesigning your website from the ground up. Smart mobile devices are getting better and better at rendering normal web content, so users can still have a good browsing experience. But it doesn't hurt to check, right?

  • Check your website or blog on a range of mobile devices. If conversions are compromised, consider upgrading for mobile with Google's guidance.
  • Build a database of SMS marketing numbers and use it to pass on great deals and discounts direct to customer phones for great engagement. Be careful to avoid spamming people.
  • Use QR codes to get people to important landing pages. QR codes can be scanned by mobile devices and lead people to your "Deal of the week" page, or Twitter account.
  • Social media is easily consumed by mobile devices. Ramp up your social media profile and get people tweeting with you from their phones.
  • Don't forget about Bluetooth for some close proximity marketing.

3. Google paid product search

Google will now allow merchants to advertise their products above organic search results with paid product search facilities. This offers a great opportunity to get in front of customers before they even have to look at search results.

Get in as early as possible because you might struggle to outbid larger businesses as and when they wake up to the potential of paid product search.

2004-01-13 13:48:53 by financialadvisor04

Small Business Owners

I work with my dad who is, in my opinion, an exceptional Financial Advisor. I am fully licensed and just getting into the businesss. He has been a small business owner for over 20 years and one of his fortes is helping other small business owners with retirement planning, estate planning, insurance needs, tax planning, etc. I am feeling the pain of trying to market to small business owners as many of them are not open to hearing about the value we can add to their business and letting them know what we can do to make their business work as hard form them as they do for their business. If you have any ideas as to how I can effectively go about marketing to these people and getting appointments to sit down and visit with them, I would greatly appreciate it

2010-01-09 10:11:02 by ILIKEBIZ

Gave up on job search. Ideas for small start up?

Yes, I know I will get spammed to death...they will be deleted without reading.
But I do know there are few good brains in this forum. I dont have a lot of capital - but a little. Have to do something to supplement. NOW
Any ideas? I am very sales and marketing creative, have a background in eCommerce, ad specialties (dont want to do that) but this gives an idea...not an engineer, medical etc.
Since I love dogs I tried to get some pet sit/walk business. Passed out 350 cards to dog owners ONLY and got one call. I think there are too many of these out there....

2006-05-17 16:30:11 by Myst24

Hopefully a helpful thread for business owners

I am a partner in a small seattle company. I was actually just recently hired and made partner so its been fun and challenging to bring new ideas to the table and see what works and what fails miserably. I'm curious about those business's out there who do trade shows, how successful they've been. I'm also curious to the web side of business. Currently my company has a website that we've redesigned and are still working on, but I dont know that it really brings us a whole lot of business. We do fine with our current marketing strategies... but I am curious to other methods that work. I'm starting this thread to encourage owners and the like to share strategies that worked, and failed

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