New Business Ideas for Small Towns

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If you're like lots of other entrepreneurs, you're thinking of starting new business in 2013. While the economy may still be struggling, we've got a few great business ideas for you. Here are 10 business ideas we think are poised for success in 2013.

Home Renovation

The real estate market has been in the toilet for three-and-a-half years now. It's hard to sell a house and if you can't sell, you can't buy. Furthermore, a lot of people just can't get a mortgage. That's good news for anyone in the renovation business. People are being forced to stay in their homes and many are getting anxious for a little sprucing up. While general contractors suffered the most during the recession, specialized home-renovation companies are again thriving. From flooring to roofing, homeowners are looking to do a little repair and updating. Anyone starting a home-renovation business should be warned, however, to start small and grow as you go. One nonpaying customer could be the end of an overextended business in this touch-and-go economy.

Tree care

If you've tried to call a tree service lately, you probably already know there's a big gap between supply and demand. Increasingly severe weather in all parts of the country is causing tree damage that only professionals can repair. It's not a business for the timid, but if you can find some experienced employees, you'll probably have all the work you can handle.

Taxi Service

Cars are expensive. Car insurance is expensive. Gas is expensive. And there are a lot of people without a steady income. The result is that more people are looking for less-expensive ways to get where they need to go. In suburbs with limited mass transit, taxis are just about the only alternative. But many towns don't have taxi services. If you can afford to buy or lease a roomy car, do a little advertising and provide reliable service, you may be in business.

Local farming

People are increasingly conscious about eating healthy and eating local. For many, however, locally grown produce, meat, milk and eggs are hard to find. Urban and suburban backyard farming has already staged a comeback. Now, it's time for the small time commercial farmer. Farming is never going to be easy. But a combination of sophisticated marketing skills and modern farming techniques could position you – even if you only lease the land – to ride the local- and organic-eating wave.

Commuting service

Car pooling saves money on gas and tolls and, in many places, gives commuters access to high-occupancy-vehicle lanes, saving lots of time on commuting. The problem is that organizing your own car pool can be very difficult. A car-pool service that provides commuters with easy access to a low-cost ride stands a great chance of making it for the long haul (so to speak).

Que Publishing Small Town Rules: How Big Brands and Small Businesses Can Prosper in a Connected Economy (Que Biz-Tech)
Book (Que Publishing)
2010-10-12 13:34:53 by GoEtnies

Small Northwest Ohio Towns Fallling

I have grown up in a small northwest Ohio town.
Most people around the area are middle aged or elderly people.
As the new era of technology and different views of business come around, I have noticed too much change. I grew up seeing that everyone had jobs and our small town was booming with mom / pops shops, industrial jobs, and everyone could get out away from their homes to enjoy life. Now everyone seems to be robots, working for "the man."
We can get out of this mind set and think "outside the box." Shall I say, we need to think differently, back to the core, or bring back "simple thinking

2006-09-24 19:52:05 by HIRE

A new Temp Agency ...???

I thought abut opening a temp agency / recuiting firm in the smaller towns for small business owners, but I am not sure of the ramifications (legally) and what it would take in Atlanta. I notice that all the reciting firms mainly serve the city which exempt people who live further away great job opportunities....Any Ideas

2007-11-18 11:02:58 by jeynreyn

Any ideas for a short road trip for thxg wknd?

We've been to LOTS of places within California, and lots of local places also.
Such as:
Point Reyes
Sonoma County (grew up there)
Napa County
Marin County
San Francisco
Santa Cruz
All along Highway 1
Inland (Sacramento, Hwy 49, Tahoe, Reno, Auburn,etc.)
Inland (Fresno, Bakersfield)
Mammoth, Yosemite, Death Valley, Palm Springs
San Diego
Los Angeles
Santa Barbara and anything else that starts with San or Santa ;o)
Farm lands
Lots of missions throughout California

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