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This takes us right back to my point in promotion #1, people love free stuff. Find a good venue to hand these out, whether it's a county fair, mall kiosk, or downtown shopping area. All that matter is that there are people there who would be happy getting a free shirt.

You'll get views of your logo, name, and even slogan if it's on there. Add a web address they can find you and you're well on your way to getting some fresh traffic. Keep in mind that the quality of this traffic may be somewhat poor as you can't control where people wear them.

4. Contest - This idea varies from a giveaway since there is typically one or only a few winners. But with fewer winners comes a better reward, so choose wisely with this one.

Here at Cyclone, we are actually thinking of running a contest at some point in the future. If all goes according to plan the prize would be a website designed and developed free of charge. Pretty enticing, eh?

See the point of a contest is to create a promotion with much more value than your typical incentive marketing. Give your customers something they really want and see the value in.

It creates new awareness, interest in whatever your offering, and hopefully lots of people coming to your site or door. Try to use it fairly infrequently, so it becomes a special experience for potential customers and not something your trying to do just because your desperate for sales.

No matter which you choose, just make sure it is the best possible fit for your business.

2007-12-18 18:25:12 by ideas?

Finding a buyer for a small local business

Aside from a free posting on CL, what are some good resources/websites/places for me to list my business for sale? My business, priced at $70,000, would be ideal for someone with strong sales skills (selling necessary services to local small business owners). Any ideas how I can reach potential buyers or get my business for sale offer in front of people looking for a new business venture?
I have not contacted any business brokers - can they be helpful in the sale of a small local business like mine?

2010-01-09 10:11:02 by ILIKEBIZ

Gave up on job search. Ideas for small start up?

Yes, I know I will get spammed to death...they will be deleted without reading.
But I do know there are few good brains in this forum. I dont have a lot of capital - but a little. Have to do something to supplement. NOW
Any ideas? I am very sales and marketing creative, have a background in eCommerce, ad specialties (dont want to do that) but this gives an idea...not an engineer, medical etc.
Since I love dogs I tried to get some pet sit/walk business. Passed out 350 cards to dog owners ONLY and got one call. I think there are too many of these out there....

2011-05-24 08:53:56 by l0cke

Business ideas

Try googling "small business ideas", it turns up results like:
While not the best resource in the world, it's not bad either. There are a ton of Internet / Online marketing websites around the 'net and though that's the easiest thing to get going in your spare time, it's harder than it sounds to ramp up sales to enough income to support yourself. Personally, I have two small businesses. One, I do consulting work with (for any make-do job) and another I do computer services work with. I get calls from time to time from listings on the 'net so take time out as a freelance writer / web developer (marketer) and make $20+ an hour

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