Small Business ideas for 2012

By Elisa Gabbert October 15,2012 Comments:

“Why is SEO harder for small businesses?” This question has popped up a couple of times in our organic keyword referrers. We’ve been saying for months that SEO is getting harder,and that it’s especially difficult for SMBs to excel at. But why? Why is SEO easier for the big dogs? Make no mistake,it is – even if it’s getting harder for them too.

Here are 10 reasons why smaller businesses struggle to succeed at SEO.

1. You have less money.

This is the #1 reason SEO – and everything else! – is harder for small businesses. It’s an old saw but it’s true: You have to spend money to make money. The reason companies spend money on marketing and advertising is because they deliver ROI,but sometimes there’s a tipping point. For example we’ve seen small businesses that didn’t see ROI from PPC until they raised their daily spend,counter-intuitively. SEO is the same way. If you can devote more money to your search engine optimization efforts,you’ll see better returns. Bigger companies have bigger budgets they can allocate towards hiring more employees,bringing in top-notch consultants,investing in “big content” and great web design,and so on.

2. You have less time.

OK,I lied: This is tied for #1. Time is money,and if you have less money you also have less time. Fewer heads on the marketing team means that everyone is juggling multiple tasks and nobody can focus 100% of their time on SEO. Some businesses are so small they have just one or two people doing EVERYTHING,making SEO exponentially harder.SEO is harder for small businessesReal SEO takes a lot of time. Creating worthwhile content,optimizing your web pages,promoting your assets and securing links,running A/B tests – none of this is easy. Small businesses end up doing a rush job or neglecting it altogether,resulting in underoptimized sites with poor rankings.

3. Something else always comes first.

When you’re short on resources,SEO-related tasks always seem to get pushed to the bottom of the list. Blogging and other forms of content creation are a prime example – everyone’s got the best of intentions,promises are made (“I’ll get you that blog post by the end of the week!”) but nothing ever really gets written and published. The fact is,if you wait to do SEO until everything else is done,you’ll never do any SEO. That’s why big companies hire a dedicated SEO – no excuses.

4. It’s harder to keep up with changes.

Again,this is essentially a resource problem. An SEO specialist who lives and breathes search has time (and incentive) to follow industry publications and keep up with the rapidly changing search landscape. They’ll know if Google has released a big algorithm change or other significant update that could affect your rankings and strategy. They’ll hear about new techniques and be better able to judge what’s worth trying and what isn’t. SMB marketers are often too busy trying to keep up with their own industry vertical to spend any time following the twists and turns of SEO. Here at WordStream,we have an advantage because search marketing is what we do – we have to keep up with search. But what if you sell shoes or medical equipment? Your morning reading is going to look very different.

5. Google favors brands.

In SEO we love to whine that Google favors brands,but the truth is,everyone favors brands. All other things being equal,Google ranks big brands higher in the search results because they have user behavior data indicating that people click more often on recognizable brand websites. So if you want to compete on a keyword that bigger brands are also going after,you’ll have to work that much harder to prove your small business marketing blog content is relevant and worth the user’s time. For a lot of branded keywords,you’ll never be able to beat the bigger companies.

2012-02-01 12:20:28 by machito96

Great job creation ideas Obama! Now if you could

Only get Harry Reid and Senate Dems to put YOUR IDEAS which the HOUSE HAS ALREADY PASSED in a BIPARTISAN MANNER...
Just another example of the difference between what Obama says and what Obama does...
Already Halfway There: President Submits to Congress Ideas Already Passed by the House
Posted by Brendan Buck on January 31, 2012
House Republicans have spent the last year focused on helping American small businesses expand and create new jobs. Today, the President unveiled a package of ideas designed to do the same – and most of them look strikingly familiar

2009-04-06 19:27:01 by TMC08

Economic oversights? by Obama, the media, who el

Gringo am I?
Job loss=bad debt
Job loss grows=bad debt grows
New GM warranty...they'll pay your car if you lose your job
Tax payer bailouts to the auto industry when the govt allowed outsourcing, promoted free trade, deminizes protectionism to exclude any and all other good ideas, and has turned their backs on the negative impacts illegal aliens have on wages, small business opportunities that cannot be outsourced, healthcare, education, etc, and public SAFETY!!!!!
Let's start the 2012 multiple party revolution now and produce an additional 3 Constitutionally qualified candidates not affiliated with the Dems nor Reps and who has tangible and debatable ideas and solutions discussed for three years up to the 2012 election

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