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What are the best small business ideas for college students? Are you an enterprising student and want to start a business in school? Do you want to graduate from school without ever having to look for a job or depend on the government? Then below are the best business ideas for college students.

With the increasing costs of tuition and other fees in schools and colleges, it’s now becoming more than important for college bound students or those already in college to start a business. Before now, college students can easily get part-time jobs. But due to the bad global economy, there are now fewer jobs, stiffer competition, automation with technology, and constant changes within corporations. So, the key is to accept the new economic reality and prepare to survive even in the face of harsh conditions.

However, you can still live comfortably and achieve great career accomplishments if you make the right strategic moves. Launching a business while in college will set you up for success and responsibility. There are many unique startup business ideas for students that can turn out to be profitable ventures later on. It may begin with the young and enterprising person’s passion for something. Whether it’s computer games, gourmet sandwiches or special home-baked goodies, cute accessories, gadgets or sports equipment (the list goes on), there’s bound to be something that can appeal young people looking to make big bucks. So without wasting your time, below are profitable business ideas that you can start as a college student:

1. Transportation service

If your parent has an old car that has been abandoned for a long time, you can fix it and start a micro transport service. Chances are your fellow students need transportation to and from campus. And most of the time, the transport arrangements by school authorities are not very good. So, your college colleagues would be willing to pay you to transport them. They will prefer your services to that of the college because yours will save their time and provide more comfort and flexibility.

2. Tutoring service

As a college student, chances are you are particularly good in one or two subjects. You’ll make a lot of money by offering to teach others who are having problems with those subjects — most especially if they are very important subjects that students must pass before promotion or graduation.

3. Career counseling

If you have good communication skills, you can meet the recruiters and employers in the on-campus career center to learn what they are looking for in job applicants. Then you can become a career coach and counselor simply by leaking these secrets to other students.

River Grove Books Cultureship
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2011-08-16 10:14:59 by GoldenApollo

Restructure your business.

After a year, you should have a good idea of how to price your wares and still afford the costs of running a business, including hiring a professional to take photos.
That said, it's a sucky economy and many aspiring small businesses are struggling.
Few ideas:
Contact a local liberal arts or community college and see if they have a photography program. Maybe there are students who are interested in product photography and can use some portfolio material and cash. You should definitely pay for their services - don't expect it for free. You likely will also have to figure out how to provide the space they need to photograph these gowns properly

2009-02-17 18:50:01 by ideas_girl

Idea for a NEW tv show (its actually good)

I have an idea for a TV show but I don't know what to do with it or how to go about showing it off.
I came up with it in a completely selfish way, so I suppose I don't really mind if someone 'steals' my idea, but I still want to reap the benefits... of course, it will never happen in time for it to be beneficial to me personally, but I still think it's a good idea.
So here it is...
Think Food Network's "Restaurant Makeover", but instead of being a restaurant, it's an office.
A bubbly, energetic but friendly (not screamingly excited like Ty Pennington) host helps a design team and the SMB (small-medium business) owner/operator sort out their renovation and give design ideas

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