Working Capital Loans For Small Business

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What is Working Capital?

Working capital is the usable excess of your current assets such as purchasable invoices, or sale of future credit card processing receipts.

Working Capital is the life blood of most small businesses as it is essential to settle operating expenses on a daily basis. Working capital loan is one of the most conventional types of loans businesses pursue.

Getting business funding has become challenging over the past few years and now with increased interest rates , overcoming this problem has become more infuriating. Our goal is to assist entrepreneurs with this need. We know strong cash flow and good payment behavior validate the steady performance of your business.

Fast Startup Funding For Your Business

When you need to increase your business operations quickly to take benefit of growing prospects or you need fast cash to achieve your targets – banks are not always willing to approve working capital loans

The right lender makes all of the difference. You don’t just need a loan, you need a perfect cash solution from a group of steadfastprofessionals who understand your business needs and have the expertise to help you achieve them.

With our wide range of funding programs we're able to customize a plan that gets you the funding you need, when you need it, and at an affordable price.We can free up your working capital by factoring outstanding invoices, by purchasing some of your future credit card receipts at a discount, or by creating a customized business loan or business line of credit solution.

Excel In Management Of Women's Business STARTUP FUNDING

  • Construction, renovation or leasehold improvements
  • To purchase furniture, fixtures, machinery, or equipment
  • For the flooring of inventory and for working capital (payroll)
  • As a down payment to finance the purchase of real estate for the business

In addition to the simple approval process and minimal requirements, Merchant Advisors offer businesses with flexible repayment options. This means when your business sales decline, we take a smaller payment, leaving you with more working capital for your business.

Fill out the 1 minute application form and we'll ensure that you're matched with the perfect program for your working capital needs.

Working Capital Solutions For A Successful Business

When traditional lenders say no, Merchant Advisors says yes. Here's how...

Whether you are looking to renovate your restaurant, buy new equipment for your repair shop or to fill any other working capital gap in your business, Mercahnt Advisors will be the reliable and fast solution for your working capital needs. We will get you the cash you need quick to keep mounting your business.

In the end, you’ll have the most funding at the most affordable repayment discount. With a strong pool of funding sources, we bypass stringent requirements of traditional bank loans and put you back in control of your business.

We’ll review your situation and come up with a solution that meets your immediate cash needs. We’ll also structure a relationship that is set up for the long-term.

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2008-06-16 06:00:04 by DanicasDreams

Small business loans for women in Michigan.

I'm a 45 year old female living in Macomb County Michigan trying to start a cleaning company. I already have some clients, but I would like this to grow into something more. There is still more equipment that I need and then there is the issue of bonding and insurance. I would only have one or two people working under me if that. I plan to run this business out of my home. I don't have the capital and to be quite honest, although I am taking steps to rebuild it, my credit score currently sucks. I know that there are government programs willing to help women who are trying to start a small business, but I'm not sure how any of it works or how to even begin to find out where to get the help

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