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Opening a restaurant requires more than a passion for food and the food industry. The process requires a detailed analysis of the food industry, organized and well-defined strategies, and financial backing. Developing a business plan for your restaurant will force you to analyze every aspect of your business, from the menu to the marketing. When completed, the business plan can be used not only as a tool to capture investments, but a tool to capture customers.

Step 1

Develop a general business description for your business plan. State the name of your business and lists its address and contact information. Provide a contact list for each owner of your restaurant and briefly explain each owner’s experience within the food industry.

Step 2

Describe each department of your restaurant, along with a brief description of each departmental manager’s functions. Include information on every department from the wait staff to the kitchen operations. Define whether your employees will be full or part time and define the costs of each employee’s salary and benefits.

Step 3

Explain your restaurant’s operation. Provide your restaurant’s hours of operations. Address the fixtures and equipment your restaurant will need to operate efficiently, including coolers, stoves, ovens, tables, as well as napkins, silverware, tablecloths. Identify the suppliers your restaurant will use. List the inventory that you will purchase from those suppliers, the cost for the inventory and the delivery method. Explain how your restaurant will control its inventory and reduce loss, such as regular inventory control and cooler rotation.

Step 4

Address your restaurant’s location. Provide the cost of the location, including utilities, taxes and zoning law compliances. Explain if you will purchase, lease or rent the restaurant’s location. Make sure that your location provides ample parking for your customers and is easily located.

Step 5

Develop your menu and list the prices for each item and service. Research the food industry in your area and identify your restaurant’s target market. Explain the demographics of these potential customers, such as their age, income and lifestyle options. Identify your competition and explain how your business is better. Attempt to fill a void in the food industry that other restaurants in the area have failed to address.

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2008-04-02 07:25:08 by getlowman

Agree - average small business doesn't

Start returning profits for about 2 years. 50% of new small businesses fail. Most risky small business to start is restaurant due to high intial capital requirements, need to build and clientel thru advertising and word-of-mouth, and inability of owners to sustain initial lean times financially.
Thats the bad news. The good news, if you plan for the lean times financially, have a good business plan including your advertising strategy and financial plan to take to the bank, you can probably get a credit line to get over the hump.
There's an federal program thats called the Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) in NC

2003-07-01 13:22:59 by tcylinder

F the man, i'm starting my own business

I'm laying the foundation for starting a small restaurant by taking various business classes focusing on commercial real estate/marketing/accounting/bookeeping/supervision etc. I'll begin working on my business plan and scouting locations early next year. I am going to attempt to get this going on small business loans as I'd rather not get involved in a partnership if I don't have to. I am going to start extremely simple and modest and see how things go. If they go well, I'll invest any profits into expansion.
I know that this will take alot of patience and hard work but the challenge and stress will be my own rather than putting up with bosses and co-workers for the rest of my working life

2008-05-01 19:13:26 by mrboracay

Here's my business plan

I'm going in this with my brother in law, my sister and me.
My brother in law has 10 years experience in restaurant managing. (He was a district manager for Burger King and Taco Bell), My sister will be the main cook and we're employing another one as back up prep cook and main cook). I will be working there 1 time a week. My mom, two cousins will be working there also. This will be a small take out cafe with about 4 tables. Most of the food will be take out food. The place has a drive through.
Believe me, I am nervous about this venture. I need to do this to help my mom, my sister and my cousins

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