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A Cleaning Service Business Plan

1.0Executive Summary

Your House Cleaning Service (YHCS) is a residential cleaning service that serves mainly to upper class families in Sarasota, FL. A professional staff that is committed to exceeding customer expectations will be the core principal that YHCS is built on. There are two sectors of the residential community that YHCS will be serving: the wealthy single income household and the affluent two income household. This high end demographic is willing to pay a premium for our house cleaning service because YHCS provides a high level of professionalism not found anywhere else in the house cleaning industry. YHCS is a home based business with Jane Smith as the sole proprietor. The projected growth rate is very high each year with good profit margins as a percentage of sales. After the first year, YHCS will have six additional employees. This residential cleaning business plan will assist Jane with the start up process and manage the developing business.

2.0Company Summary

Your House Cleaning Service staple offering will be residential home cleaning services. Along with residential cleaning services YHCS will also offer other cleaning services to the residential client such as general room cleaning, pet clean up and after party clean up. The target market for YHCS will be the high end where affluent families have other things to do with their time and choose to hire someone to clean for them. Also, included in this high end demographic are the two income family that does not have the time to clean themselves and are forced to hire a cleaning service like YHCS.

2.1Start-Up Summary

The start up costs for Your House Cleaning Service include equipment that is needed for a home based business, initial legal fees, marketing fees, cleaning equipment and supplies, uniforms, and signage for employee vehicles. The home office equipment includes a lap top computer and a cell phone. Along with a desk and three office chairs. The legal fees will be used to create the business and reviewing and generating employee and client contracts. Marketing fees are for the production of business cards and brochures. Cleaning equipment must also be purchased for each employee. A commercial vacuum cleaner for each employee will be the highest expense. Other items included in the employee cleaning kit will be brooms, mops, and cleaning chemicals that are environmentally friendly. Uniforms will also need to be purchased for a professional appearance something that is very important for our elite clientele. Finally, Your House Cleaning Service will purchase magnetic company signs for employee vehicles for an additional touch of professionalism.

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2007-11-19 11:42:01 by helpn_handz

RE: "real" electronics

To start, best of luck to you. Starting a business is very hard work.
First suggestion and please do not think I am being rude but change your attitude. If you are going to start out in a cell phone business even with the goal of transforming it, you must first be able to stand behind your product or atleast make your customers believe you do.
Second, check the internet and do some research. Start with the local Chamber of Commerence. Getting in good with them does help to promote a business and gives customers the feel of a trustworthy business. You will find a lot of helpful information online

2013-10-01 16:28:40 by -

Haven't we been over this before?

Yes. yes, I believe we have
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