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Ask An Expert: All About Group Health Insurance Plans

Small businesses need health benefits and insurance plans that fit their workplace. We provide employers with a choice of benefits solutions.

Use our online tools anytime you need them. We offer you and your employees Aetna Mobile, 24-hour customer service and e-pay online premium payment. You also can estimate common health care costs, find health information and doctors, and check the status of a claim.

We have a 150-year history with plan sponsors and members. And we have a wide network of doctors and hospitals. We're focused on quality, customer satisfaction, health, innovation and customer advocacy.

Our transparency tools and information help you and your employees use health care dollars wisely. And by choosing the right plan for your needs, you get the best value for your premium. We offer traditional plans, innovative consumer-directed options, and additional services like COBRA administration.

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2007-04-08 15:24:21 by psc2007

California group health insurance small business

I'm investigating group health insurance for a small business (10+ people) in Southern California. We want to offer 6-8 plans (probably a combination of HMO, PPO and POS) from which employees can choose, plus a good out-of-state network for those who travel. What's the opinion on which carriers give the best long-term value for the dollar? Are there any ways to obtain insurance other than by going through a broker or to one of the name carriers? Also, I have heard that some carriers allow 1099 contractors to be included in a group plan - does anyone have any experience with how well that works?
- Thank you.

2007-04-08 16:57:42 by kfuller

California group health insurance (Help Found)

!) 1099 employees must apply for individual health insurance plans
2) You can offer multiple plans to a small group granted you meet eligibility and enrollment requirements.
3) There are no added fees when a business chooses to work with a legitimate California Insurance Broker. The monthly “premium” is the same, whether you have an agent on your side or not. The “cost” of not having an agent is often higher. Our company has staff that we employ to wait on the phone and resolve issues with insurance companies. It also helps to receive a call when a lower cost option comes available – no insurance company is going to do that

2008-10-07 22:07:54 by -

I worked for a small business and they did not

Have enough employees to qualify for a group plan status so we were all under individual plans.
I was denied because I was pregnant. I was told by the insurance broker that pregnant women wee riskier than cancer and did I know that many pregnant women are murdered by their husbands.
swear to god. I was stunned. I then could only think "well shit then if he killed me you wouldnt have to cover me with health care!"

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