Janitorial Services Business Plan

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A janitorial business is a good choice for someone who enjoys cleaning and can work independently. With a janitorial service, you will clean business facilities rather than residences. For example, you may find your cleaning services are needed by doctor's offices, schools, community centers, stores and a range of other businesses. You can run this business from your home or a commercial location, starting with only a minimal investment. Your highest startup expenses may be for things that include carpet cleaners and floor buffers.

Step 1

Learn how to clean efficiently and quickly. You may do this by perfecting your techniques when you clean your own home, offering to clean friends' and family members' places of business for free or working for a janitorial company before starting your business. You can also get tips and tricks for perfecting your cleaning skills from janitorial service how-to guides.

Step 2

Create a business plan for your janitorial business. Plan how you will launch your business and pay startup expenses. Include details about how you will operate your business on a daily basis and stay afloat until you earn a significant profit. Add your plans for the eventual expansion of your business as well.

Step 3

Decide where you will run this business. You can make business calls and handle paperwork from home. You may prefer an office in a commercial location, however, if space is limited in your home. No matter where you decide to base your business, you will need a separate phone line for receiving janitorial service requests.

Step 4

Apply for a license for your janitorial business. You can usually obtain business licensing through the county clerk's office in your area or your local department of licenses and inspections.

Step 5

Choose a name for your janitorial services. Include the word janitorial or a variation of it in your business name to give potential clients an idea of what you offer. If you will use a fictitious name in your business, you will have to register it with your state. You can typically obtain registration requirements from the secretary of state's office.

Step 6

Purchase an insurance policy that will cover you in the event your business causes injury or property damage. This type of policy is usually referred to as liability insurance.

Step 7

Get bonded. Bonding is coverage that allows the customer to submit a claim and obtain compensation in the event you or one of your employees steals something, breaks an item of value or provides incompetent service.

2010-10-04 00:06:40 by CleaningGuy

Free Cleaning for non-profit Organizations

I have a commercial janitorial company, and in an effort to practice what we preach,"Helping The Community" we are offering free cleaning services to small non-profits in our area.
Right now it's a fresh idea, but my plan is to gather a network of businesses or individuals who provide "Environmentally Friendly"/"Green" products and or services in the DFW area. And set up a way that we can offer our services and or products, to small or maybe struggling non-profit organizations for free or at a very good discount.
So if you have a non-profit and you are in need of some free "commercial cleaning" post here in the forum or visit my website @ ResoluteClean

2008-06-10 14:30:28 by TMC08


Dollar rebounds for 2 days and oil prices retreat for 2 days. Hmmm.
J. McCain says tax rates are the reason jobs are sent overseas!
This is a con.
Take Columbia for example.
200$ a month is a good paying job in Columbia and manufacturers can hire ten workers to one American worker in Columbia. Taxes are not as much a factor as wages.
For the jobs that cannot be exported; ie, retail, construction, daycare, landscaping, janitorial, food services, etc; both Dems and Reps plan on granting amnesty to 12-20 million illegal aliens to suppress these working sector wages

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