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Basic Accounting: Service Business Study Guide is designed as a reference material in introductory accounting that can be used by readers, especially students, taking basic accounting for service business.
Presentations and discussions of various accounting concepts and frameworks are simplified to provide the reader with an initial working knowledge on the different steps of the accounting cycle for a service business.
Emphasis is given to various accounting concepts, at the same time, the development of the procedural accounting skills. Different basic accounting frameworks and forms are used to assist readers in understanding seemingly complex accounting subject matters.
The authors would like to inform the users of this study guide that this was written for readers, especially students, who would want to read a quick guide for the rubrics of basic accounting for service business. Each unit is prefaced with learning objectives to serve as guide to readers. Discussion questions and problem exercises are not included in this reference material. This study guide can be effectively use together with a workbook which is available in the university where one of the authors is currently affiliated. This reference material is not intended to replace existing accounting textbooks written by famous authors whom we have respectfully cited and given credit in this guide.
The user of this study guide will walk through the accounting process in a rational, concise and "easy to understand" manner. With the teacher's expert guidance, plus this study guide to learning the basics in accounting, the student will undoubtedly appreciate the fundamentals of accounting. Our desire is to open the eyes of students that studying basic accounting is both easy and rewarding.

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2007-11-17 07:49:46 by tifaith67

Accounting or Bookkeeping Service

Accounting or Bookkeeping Service is a category that is needed as this is different from Financial services or computers. Most financial services is referring to loans, credit, banking, etc.
Whereas a accounting or bookkeeping service organizes the financial data and helps interpret it in order for a business or person to understand how their business is doing.

2008-09-09 05:38:44 by helenjcpa

Accounting/Tax Services

HJ CPA Accounting/Tax Service
Individual Income Tax Preparation
-call for your 2008 Tax Return Prep -
Small Business Accounting -
- Schedule C, Corporations, LLC, Partnership -
- Payroll preparation -
- Bookkeeping -
- All your business needs -
Quality Service & Reasonable Rates -
Certified Public Accountant

2009-09-30 09:34:01 by dennes777

Business Services

Would like to create a "Business Service" area for specialists who were laid off who have talents that a small business could use.
Such as..
Human Resources
Payroll & Accounting
Short term projects
.....I am unemployed and tired of responding to Want Ads that are not legitimate employers. I am sure others feel the same way.

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  • Learning Objectives throughout each chapter remind students of the core concepts under discussion.
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