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The Sealed Nectar: December 2010

General Ledger Accounting/Bookkeeping - Our monthly Management Reports are cash flow based, which allows our clients to fully understand the movement of cash in and out of their practice. These reports, which are tailored for medical practices, provide a different perspective than traditional financial statements. Click here for sample Management Reports.

Payroll Services - Making payroll can be hard enough by itself without the added headache of calculating federal income tax withholdings and payroll taxes for your employees. We work with your practice to devise the best payroll solution whether it be for DoctorsManagement, LLC, to provide the service or a simple software solution.

Accounts Payable - If paying bills has started taking up more of your time than the practice of medicine, let us help. We can provide services ranging from payroll to paying all of your monthly business expenses.

Cash Flow and Budgeting Analysis - To the small business person, cash flow is crucial. Let us help you create a cash flow budget for your business or personal income/expenses. With a total view of your practice and personal expenses, we are able to advise strategies that will help you now and in the future.

2009-08-26 15:30:40 by VBDon

Reason for high healthcare costs are:

Lack of Tort Reform means doctors must pay $200,000+ a year for malpractice insurance and have to order expensive tests that cover their butts in case of a litigious patient.
Medical discoveries have to be paid for within a certain time period before foreign factories can offer cheap versions. Because most research does not produce a product, new medicine sales must cover unproductive research costs as well as its own costs.
People are living longer and taking more modern medicines than ever before.
The baby boom generation (mine) is hitting its later years, putting greater expense on the medical industry

2010-10-25 17:12:10 by WretchedRabbit

Another false foreclosure on seniors!!!!!!!

UNBELIEVABLE BREAKING NEWS: Senior Couple Being Screwed Royally By Mortgage Servicer – Specialized Loan Servicers
September 16, 2009 / Martin Andelman -Mandelman Matters
H. Vincent and Theresa Price have lived in their home in Alameda for 32 years. It’s where they raised their children. They had always planned to leave it as their legacy. They’ve NEVER been late on a mortgage payment… to this day! And they never wanted or asked for a loan modification.
Yes, everything was just fine at the Price home… until last September… when their mortgage servicer, Specialized Loan Services, made a mistake in their accounting department

2009-04-21 06:27:08 by RochMead

The real truth about medical records!!!

For patients who are seeking medical records from health care providers, you must know that HIPAA regulations clearly allow for a covered entity (doctor's office/hospital/clinic, etc.) to charge a reasonable fee for the copying of medical records, if the request is initiated by another covered entity (doctor), there is no charge. As a patient, parent, caregiver or authorized third party requestor of medical records, expect to pay a fee for the service of obtaining records from your health care provider. Though records are about you (the patient), medical records are the property of the provider

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