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This is a contract entered into by [YOUR COMPANY NAME] (hereinafter referred to as "the Provider") located at [YOUR ADDRESS], and [CLIENT NAME] (hereinafter referred to as "the Client") located at [CLIENT ADDRESS], on this date, [DATE].

The Client hereby engages the Provider to provide services as described under "Scope and Manner of Services." The Provider hereby agrees to provide the Client with such services in exchange for consideration as described under "Payment for Services Rendered."

Scope and Manner of Services


Payment for Services Rendered

The Client shall pay the Provider for services rendered according to the Payment Schedule attached, within [NUMBER] calendar days of the date on the Provider's invoice(s). Should the Client fail to pay the Provider the full amount specified in any invoice within [NUMBER] calendar days of the invoice date, a late fee equal to [DOLLAR AMOUNT] shall be added to the amount due and interest of [PERCENTAGE] per annum shall accrue from the calendar day following the invoice date.

Applicable Law

This contract shall be governed by the laws of the County of [COUNTY] in the State of [STATE] and any applicable Federal law.

In witness of their agreement to the terms above, the parties or their authorized agents hereby affix their signatures:

__________________________________ _______________________________
(Printed Name of Client or agent) (Printed Name of Provider or agent)

__________________________________ _______________________________
(Signature of Client or agent) (Date) (Signature of Provider or agent) (Date)

American Bar Association The Tech Contracts Handbook: Software Licenses and Technology Services Agreements for Lawyers and Businesspeople
Book (American Bar Association)
2010-09-25 16:40:38 by 1legallyscrewed

Breach of contract/failure to pay for work

A work of caution - DO NOT get negotiate contracts with anyone over the age of 60 in Thurston County WA. If they do not want to pay for the services you provided, they can simply file a VAPO against you. This will destroy your life, your business and your finances. We have been tried as criminals in a civil court without due process of law. The party we contracted to do work for is associated with an extremely large cult in that area, and other members have threatened our lives and the lives of people who have come to our aid. They even harassed and threatened our attorney to the point where he dove out and withdrew from the case before the end of the first hearing

2012-06-17 09:26:30 by kgrab

Looking for a Business Attorney in Milwaukee, WI

I would like to trade cash and services with a local (Milwaukee, WI) Attorney.
This would be mostly for letter writing and looking over contracts. The Attorney I am looking for has to be able to not only understand business law but also people. Many of the attorneys I've dealt with feel the need to go to court in order to win. I would like someone who understands (as I do) that often times it's easier to settle out of court.
I own a design firm as well as web hosting company and a couple print advertising publications.
If your an Attorney interested in doing some barter (for smaller things), please contact me via email

2012-06-20 12:43:06 by component_alchemy

Need pro bono with drafting business contracts

I'm just starting a new business and I have so little money available for start-up expenses that I can't afford legal services; however, as my business grows, I will eventually be able to pay for those services. Therefore, this could be a good opportunity for a practicing lawyer to build a future client relationship. Otherwise, I would gladly accept any advice from law students, law professors, or retired lawyers.
For now, I'm in the process of drafting a standard investment contract that is somewhat non-traditional and I would like to have one or more legal experts review it for possible gaps, inconsistencies, and/or other problems

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