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First, I told them that I was a brand new customer trying them for the first time. They did not explain anything to me, there was no crowd and no rush at that moment. I was asked for my email address and told to expect a message notifying me when my clothes were ready and how much it would cost.

Right off the bat, I did not like not knowing how much they were going to charge me for my cleaning, before they got started. Obviously, after they clean it I want my clothes back and am stuck without a choice.

The email was a nice touch, but they were a day late in completing my cleaning and the price was exorbitant more than I normally pay by a significant amount. When I replied to the email, asking why it was so much more expensive than any other cleaner than I had gone to, there was never any response. When I asked them in person they told me that they don't actually look at any incoming email. Not good.

When I picked up my clothes I asked about CO2 cleaning and was told that my clothes were cleaned with water and detergent. I was shocked. I was about to pay them a small fortune and didn't even get my clothes dry cleaned.

Aqua does not explain to first time customers that they use water and detergent and not an actual dry cleaning solution or CO2 to clean the clothes. We presumably take our clothes in to have them "Dry Cleaned" because it does not use water, water can shrink and damage fine or delicate clothes. If we wanted to use water, we could just use our washing machines on gentle cycle and with special gentle detergents, or for the super fine fabrics (like silk) you can put them in a laundry (net) bag and throw in a dry cleaning sheet for the dryer (follow the directions), eliminating the need to drive to the cleaners and pay them such an exorbitant amount, just to use water on our delicate fabrics.

Is the Aqua cleaning process really safe? We don't know! (I have a PhD in engineering.) Just because they use water does not make it any safer than any other process because they use detergents that are unknown to us.

If you care about the environment and care about not having toxic chemicals against your skin, or if you try to avoid breathing non-toxic vapors from your just cleaned clothing then you need to know what these "special" chemicals they are using that allow them to clean your clothes without shrinking them.

At least, I want to know what they are before I decide to allow my family to come in contact with those chemicals. There are now alternatives that are CO2 based (the CO2 is harmless to humans and is captured and recycled in the sealed cleaning machines) that we can understand exactly what is being used and its impact on us.

If you really want non-toxic cleaning then don't buy clothes that require dry cleaning.

To call Aqua "safe" when we don't actually know what they are using is not smart, is it? No, its not. And I still smelled a slight chemical scent on my clothes when I got home, so its not like their "water" process is scent free, it isn't. If its not scent free, I wonder if its chemical free.

Aqua claims right on their website that there process is certified, I would have liked the opportunity to have examined that certification, but since they did not tell me what they were doing to my clothes, I was denied the opportunity to check this claim on my own.

I don't know if the person who gave me my clothes misspoke, and they did use CO2, but that is irrelevant, if she cannot tell me what was actually done to my clothes, accurately then its not a good service. If they did use CO2 then I'm still shocked because they smelled like a light chemical, I've used CO2 cleaning since it first appeared in this area and have never ever detected any scent from it at all, as is expected.

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2005-04-19 10:38:36 by confusedandnew

Landlords, I seek your wisdom!

I recently inherited a condo that I'm going to put on the market. Most of the stuff in there is going to be donated to charity, and some of it is going to be yard-saled, but there will undoubtedly by things left over--tattered furniture, clothes, the unsellable bits of a life. Is there a service I can hire to empty the place out?
I am not able to clean it out myself and am willing to pay to have everything trashed. Do cleaning services do things like this? What do you do when a tenant leaves behind all their stuff? The condo is in the East Bay. Thanks for your thoughts!

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