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Summary: Use these TechNet articles to plan Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint Server 2013.

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2013 | SharePoint Server 2013

Microsoft Business Connectivity Services is a set of services and features that provide a way to connect SharePoint Server 2013 solutions to sources of external data and to define external content types that are based on that external data. Planning for Microsoft Business Connectivity Services should include thinking about the kinds of solutions your organization requires, and planning for security and administration of those solutions.

The following articles about Business Connectivity Services are available to view online. Writers update articles on a continuing basis as new information becomes available and as users provide feedback.

The following resources about the new features and capabilities in SharePoint 2013 are available from other subject matter experts.

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2010-08-02 11:57:53 by A-terrestrial

Cellphone service OTHER than Verizon?

Hi /computer/ guys. I tried /electronics/ but nobody is in there! Here is my question:
I'm not particularly happy with Verizon. Their business practices and plans are unreasonable and expensive. I'd much rather go with any other service that despite their limited connectivity here in Missoula, supporting alternatives may do well to better my mood and finances. So coverage quality aside, who/where can I sign up with other service providers? Sites like AT&T and T-mobile claim to provide coverage in this area through partner companies but I'm not having any luck finding their origin within Missoula!
Can anyone help?
tl;dr I'm looking for cellphone service provider alternatives to Verizon.
Thank you!

2002-09-19 15:13:58 by Nomorenomore

I *had* acedsl service.

$50/mo for DSL that was supposed to be 640kbps, but never was (640kbps = 80K/sec. I never got more than 65K/sec).
I work from home a lot. During business hours, performance would be terrible, or I'd lose all connectivity for 15-30 minutes at a time. I'd call, they'd blame Verizon. So what?? You're selling me the service, YOU FIX IT.
I stayed away from cable because of the whole "Slows Down w/ more people" issue. That, and I wanted a static IP address. That, and TW Cable wasn't available for me.
With my new apt, I decided to go w/ RoadRunner. About $50/mo as well (bundled with Digital Cable, 8 HBO's, 6 Showtimes, etc, it's $110/mo total)

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