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LAC-MEGANTIC, Que. -- The Quebec government is planning to restore rail service to businesses in the devastated town of Lac-Megantic.

Premier Pauline Marois says a temporary rail link from the main line to the community's industrial park is expected to be built by the end of the year.

Businesses in the industrial park have been cut off from crucial rail service ever since a train carrying crude oil jumped the tracks on July 6, exploded, and obliterated part of the town.

Marois says the province is continuing to study the possibility of building a permanent railroad link to serve the town.

The government also announced plans to build a new bridge, a commercial area and a commemorative park to honour the 47 people killed in the disaster.

Marois says those projects will cost about $16 million -- which is part of a $60 million government reconstruction fund that had already been announced.

Gagnon Service Station Trois-Pistoles Ouest Quebec business card 1930s
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Rear Sway Bar

Acronym Definition
RSB Royal Society for the Blind (Adelaide, South Australia)
RSB Replica-Symmetry Breaking
RSB Rear Sway Bar (automotive)
RSB Riverside School Board (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
RSB Robbie Seay Band
RSB Ross School of Business
RSB Repair Service Bureau
RSB Recursive Spectral Bisection
RSB Rudder Speed Brake (NASA)
RSB (usnet newsgroup)
RSB Rebel Soul Band
RSB Red Star Belgrade (Serbian sport club)
RSB Research Support

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Toronto Hydro Corp. will announce Tuesday that i

Toronto Hydro Corp. will announce Tuesday that it plans to turn Canada's largest city into one giant wireless hotspot, directly challenging the country's major mobile phone carriers for a chunk of the $8 billion a year wireless market.With the deployment, which sources say could be available in the downtown core as early as this fall, Toronto joins a growing list of North American cities, including Philadelphia, New Orleans and San Francisco, that have announced plans to bring low-cost, broadband wireless access to their citizens and businesses.wireless network technology found in many homes and small businesses, makes broadband access virtually ubiquitous and gives...

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