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  • Growth Capital for Aboriginal Business
    The Growth Capital for Aboriginal Business program finances the start-up and expansion of small businesses by Aboriginal entrepreneurs operating on or off reserves in Canada.
  • Aboriginal Banking Unit
    The Aboriginal Banking Unit offers financial products and consulting services to Aboriginal entrepreneurs to assist them with business start-up, financial planning, business plan development and market and product development.

Other programs and services:

  • Business Development Program
    The Business Development Program provides unsecured and interest-free loans to small and medium-sized businesses in Atlantic Canada to help them carry out start-up and expansion activities.
  • Community Futures Loan Program
    Throughout Western Canada the locally run, non-profit, Community Futures organizations have achieved outstanding success by integrating the social and economic needs of their communities. A wide range of services and financing opportunities are available to small businesses and entrepreneurs at the local Community Futures offices.
  • Financing for starting a business
    Business Development Bank of Canada's helps entrepreneurs start up new businesses by providing them with long-term loans as well as consulting services and advice.
  • Francophone Economic Development Organizations
    Francophone Economic Development Organizations provide services to francophone entrepreneurs who are seeking to start up or expand small and medium-sized businesses in western Canada.
  • Seed Capital Initiative
    The Seed Capital Initiative provides repayable, unsecured loans to start, expand or improve a small business.
  • Training and Employment Initiatives
    Employment and Social Development Canada provides individuals who are eligible for Employment Insurance with income and entrepreneurial support while they develop and implement their business plan.
  • Women's Enterprise Initiative
    The Women's Enterprise Initiative provide services to women entrepreneurs who are seeking to start up or expand small and medium-sized businesses in Western Canada.
  • Women in Business Initiative
    The Women in Business Initiative provides financial support, information and advice to women entrepreneurs in Atlantic Canada to help them develop their businesses and increase their competitiveness.

See all Starting a Business programs and services.

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Business Oportunity in Canada

Right now I live in Canada, I worked in US as IT director for second largest Medicaid Billing company who does Medicaid Billing for School Districts. Since now I live in Canada I was wondering how much of that business type could be applied to Canada Medicare program.
Basically how do doctors and School District get money for services that they provide to "Covered" patients or students? Do they use any specific software? Or the software is provided by State?
If software that is used in doctors office are third party software then its great for me. That is what I am looking to do

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