Best software for small businesses

25 excellent applications for small-to-mid-sized businesses to consider in 2012.

[MKTG] 25 Best Small Business Apps for 2012 (Update)

We have picked 25 small business apps—some of which are cloud services, others for mobile devices, and some of which are standard on-premise software installs. They represent a wide variety of software; what they all have in common are ways to enhance your business and your business success. Some of the apps focus on financials, allowing you to easily manage a general ledger, accounts payable and receivables. One app focuses primarily on tracking billable work typically done by freelance workers, a workforce that is increasingly being used by businesses in a turbulent economy.

Other apps focus on productivity. While "productivity" may be a bit of a software buzzword, productivity apps are crucial. They allow the creation and management of documents that comprise your business data; help you keep sensitive data protected and retained within company walls; and aid in communication and collaboration among employees, customers, and external contacts.

There are apps listed that fill a more specialized niche such as the those that can be used by IT consultants who need to perform an on-the-fly wireless site survey and can do so from an Android smartphone.

Of course, we also include more traditional business applications such office suites and online payroll. The resulting list is comprehensive of all the varied applications that are critical for business and that have solutions tailored for small business. Here are 25 excellent business apps we've reviewed for 2012.

Palo Alto Software Inc Business Plan Pro Complete v 12 [Download]
Digital Software (Palo Alto Software Inc)
  • The answers you need - Over 9, industry profiles included so you have real numbers from real businesses like yours to guide your decisions
  • Formats lenders prefer - Use familiar formatting tools to customize the overall appearance of your plan. Then create an output in the preferred format of bankers...
  • Fool proof error check - The Plan Review feature checks all your data twice for a flawless plan. Plus, the software checks for spelling and accuracy at every step.
  • Over 2, business plans and examples included - Learn by example with plans in every industry, including education, automotive, computer, construction, entertainment...
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2009-12-29 18:15:49 by seek3r

You wanting buisness software, or technical

Software? Mitchell or Motors make the tech manuals (including interchanges and flat rates), but they don't have much for business problems.
If you are looking for forms or service contracts, or work orders, your best bet is to create those yourself. Any decent word processor should be able to handle the document creation. Consult your local library or city hall (or the internet) for information pertaining to ordinances, requirements, liabilities, and stuff like that. I am not aware of any software that generates anything usable, since things like that vary from location to location

2006-06-29 15:58:07 by cluedweasel

If you want people from the Internet

To access your sites, you're going to need to get a static IP address or use a dynamic DNS service like
As far as server software goes, your best bet will be to go down the Linux path. That way you can use Apache for your web server and SMB for your files.
Have a look at SME server from It's really a server aimed at small businesses but it includes all you need and is very, very simple to install and set up.
If this isn't for you, you could try another Linux distro. My favorite is Suse;
If you still have your Windows 98 CD you could install PWS (personal web server) from there too

2008-11-26 12:53:41 by oldgoat3254

10X that amount

I had a shop for 5 years. Yellow pages come out once a year so you'll have nothing there for the first few months so you need advertising, figure $500/month minimum. Utilities figure $500-700+/month, heat, AC, Lights, Phone, Internet and deposits.
What do you plan to live on? Where are you going to get your customers? They don't just appear and it takes time. Figure 5 years to break solidly into the small businesses in the area. Consumers do NOT foot the bill, Staples and Best Buy sell it all cheaper than your wholesale cost once you add in shipping and consumers know that and will beat you over the head about it

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