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Collections Agency Software for Small Businesses

Sometimes budgeting for a small business operation is difficult, especially when many processes and departments are involved. Small collections agencies and law firms may experience trouble when it comes to managing debt collections; from keeping track of paperwork to making collections calls, it can become a job in itself. Software for a collection agency alleviates the pressure of managing collections. DAKCS Software Solutions, Inc. offers specialized collections agency software solutions for small businesses and law firms that need assistance streamlining processes. In a climate where financial situations are rocky, collections agency software organizes the status of all accounts for effective management, monitoring, and recording.

ASCENT software was created and developed by DAKCS for the following clients:

  • Small first party collection agency
  • Small third party collection agency
  • Small law firms

This software for a collection agency is a perfect cost-effective solution as your business grows. It offers all the functionality of some of DAKCS’ larger software systems such as, except in a simpler form. DAKCS collections agency software is everything you need to effectively handle your collections accounts. ASCENT I is designed for an organization with 1 – 6 seats, while ASCENT II software is suited for 7 – 12 seats. DAKCS charges only a minimal fee for additional seats added past 12 should your organization grow.

The best part of our collection software for small businesses is the ability to customize the style and contents of your work to be in line with business objectives. We supply the software template, and from there your team has the freedom of creativity. Use one of DAKCS many supplied canned reports, or customize your own.

DAKCS Software Systems, Inc. has over 30 years creating and developing top of the line collections agency software for small businesses and various other sized organizations. Allow our experience and innovation be the driving force behind your decision for long-term collections software solution. Our team is more than happy to customize a software solution for your collections agency today!

2008-08-31 15:48:33 by partners4$uccess

Small business assistance

My advice is to first lend consideration to the business entity you wish to form. Depending upon the type of engineering service you are providing you may be subject to liability other small business professionals are not. You should understand your liability, then choose an appropriate business formation upon which to perform services, i.e. LLC, C-corp, Sub S or Sole Proprietorship. Insurance is your next consideration. There are industry specific insurance carriers which will provide the most afforable broad coverage for any assumed exposures/liabilities for your environment. Following this contracts are fairly generic

2005-04-18 20:13:26 by xtrgun

Any small jobs/extra cash central phoenix

Hey, this job market is tougher than I thought, need some extra cash, so any help would be great, need help moving, clean something, paper stapler (small laugh) ,but i'm open to anything. here is the work part of my resume (edited) , for more "pc" type jobs, but any small jobs would be great
me : 25 510 150 german-hispanic guy = )
mellow guy
Customer Support (Collections) - II - Bilingual
Level 6 & 7
march 2005
Work with all programs and accounts, work different types of settlements, deceased accounts, bankruptcies and all irregular operations regarding card services

2005-01-18 08:09:48 by bravencrazy

Wow, they don't expect a lot, do they?

My husband applied for a job and got the following email in response. Looks to me like they want a marketing director who also acts as the receptionist, who also acts as the secretary, who is also the accounts payable/receivable clerk, who also does collections. And I'd be willing to bet my next check that it pays $10.00 - $12.00/hour, at the most:
Thank you for your resume. After reviewing your credentials, we are interested in talking to your further. However, before going to the next step, I thought it might be more appropriate to give you more information about the position.

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