CRM software for small business Review

Here are 5 more great CRM Software Reviews for small businesses to check out. And look at some of the great tools we dug up this time…

Best software for: Business Management

Alright, so Podio wasn’t exactly just a CRM software, but I was in awe when we found it. Podio can only be described as one thing- the all in one software solution for small businesses. It’s much more than just a CRM software. You can use it as a basic collaboration and task management portal, or you can upgrade it into a complete business management system with free apps. You can keep track of your pricing structure, fundraising activites, business planning, partnerships, accounts, and more. Their pricing is great for small businesses- absolutely free for up to 10 users. Additional users are only $4/month. You just can’t beat the apps we found in this software review:

Loving Podio too? Check out Podio software for small businesses for free yourself.

Best CRM Software for: Sales

Next on our list to review for small business, Zoho CRM. Are other CRM software solutions too complicated for your small business to use? Well, you’re not alone. Zoho came up with a CRM software that has the reputation for being small business friendly. Logging in, we found a great & easy way to manage the sales cycle, complete with visuals and great analytics so we can see the big picture, or drill down into the details if we needed to.

Give Zoho CRM a whirl for free.

Best CRM Software for: Marketing

We wanted to review a more scalable CRM solution, for those of you out there growing pretty fast, or managing large sales cycles. For you, we reviewed InTouch CRM, a great social CRM software that made marketing easy. In reviewing this CRM software, it allowed us to segment our customers, and send targeted marketing messages, campaigns, and surveys to each group. Even better it came in affordable, at between $12-$18 a month.

Grab the 30 day free trail of InTouch with no credit card

Best CRM Software Add-on for: Forms

Formstack definetley is no stand alone CRM software solution, but it’s a great addon if you’re in need of branded forms, without the knowledge to write all the code. What we loved about it, was it’s ability to visually create forms, collect data, and accept payments. It intergrated beautifully with Sales Force, Mail Chimp, and Freshbooks if you’re already using those apps.

crm software reviews small business
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2009-04-14 06:40:02 by smlbizques

Best practice for small business backup?

I have a small office that I manage. 26 laptops. 6 critical, 20 use web based software and have local outlook pst files that need to be backed up.
I am looking at acronis to backup the computers as well as an exchange server so I dont need to backup all machines and just need to backup the server. Obviously using acronis would allow we to restore a computer a lot faster than reinstalling windows and minimize downtime, so thats a benefit there.
The cost of 26 licenses of Acronis would almost be the same as buying a MS Exchange license and using that to manage email

2009-03-25 09:09:32 by AnotherJob

What is the going rate for "computer support?"

I do specialized software consulting and most of my clients are large businesses that have their own IT support. But every once and awhile I do a job for a small business client, and those of you who also serve small businesses know what it means to become the "computer guy," the person they call to fix every little thing that goes wrong with their computer.
It says right in my business rules that I don't provide IT support, but keeping customers happy is important. So I'm thinking of subcontracting all "computer guy" requests to local IT support people who may happen to be out of work

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