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Why do so many small businesses choose FileMaker? FileMaker Pro has been helping small businesses dream BIG for more than 20 years. FileMaker Pro gives them the tools they need to easily manage people, projects, assets, and more! It ís the #1-selling easy-to-use database. And for good reason - it works as hard as you do!

Solve virtually any problem

Businesses in many different industries use FileMaker Pro to solve all sorts of information management challenges. Unlike software designed to only address a specific function, FileMaker Pro is flexible so it can meet your needs for managing contacts, organizing inventory, processing sales orders, tracking projects and so much more as your business grows and changes.

Sharing capabilities that are simple and powerful

In just a few minutes, you can be sharing your data over your local network, the Internet, with Windows and Mac users, and even in popular formats such as Microsoft® Excel and Adobe® PDF and more! And with the powerful security options in FileMaker Pro, you can control what data is accessible by whom so sharing is worry-free.

Get started in minutes

No need for a weeklong training course to get started with FileMaker Pro. We make it fast and easy for you to get started. You can use a ready-made solution, start with data you already have, or build your own solution from scratch.

Low total cost of ownership

FileMaker Pro can grow with your business. You can start with one box and add additional users as your company grows. And you can do-it-yourself, eliminating the need for an expensive IT consultant.

Information at your fingertips

Are you constantly compiling data in spreadsheets or keeping track of information on paper forms? With FileMaker Pro, you can have a central location for all of your critical business information so everything you need is instantly accessible and in one place, reducing data entry time and allowing you to build meaningful reports for your business.

Encore Software FormTool Deluxe Version 7 [Download]
Digital Software (Encore Software)
  • Whether you design a form from scratch, use one of over 800 included templates, or scan and edit one of your paper forms, you can be creating forms in no time at...
  • Drag-and-drop technology from start-to-finish. FormTool is without a doubt the easiest way to create a professional-looking form.
  • It s difficult to match FormTool s design, scanning, editing, routing, and filling capabilities. And nothing beats the power and enhanced compatibility of FormTool...
  • Creating a form is easy with Formtool. Custom design your own forms from scratch. Convert paper forms to digital forms. Send/receive forms via email. Import/export...
2010-05-18 14:09:29 by sftechieguy

Slogan Suggestions For a Small IT Company

I need some help thinking of a slogan for our small IT solutions company. The company name is Platinum Business Systems. We provide IT solutions (database design and management, custom information systems, web and software development and IT consulting) to small and mid-sized businesses. In particular, we target businesses who don't have an extensive IT department (or who do not have one at all).
Many thanks in advance for any ideas!

2003-06-10 12:23:18 by pointmetherightdirection

Small Business Budgeting Software Question

I'm looking for a software package which will allow me to have a projected budget for my company. I have various employees, assigned in various percentages to various projects. I need the package to do error-checking (make sure each employee's salary is allocated 100% and only 100% across projects, etc.) I also need it to maintain a history of both what my projected and actuals were for each month. I'd like to have it summarize projected/actuals between any starting and ending month that I choose. Also, some of our employees are in Canada and some are in the US, so I need the option to aggregate not only by project but also by country (both by project and cumulative across projects)

2006-11-01 11:58:14 by pharris

Money for QuickBooks customization?

I write database applications freelance. Pretty often people ask me how much it would cost to have custom accounting software written for their small business. Usually after talking over the job my answer is that it would cost more than it's worth to them, and that they could probably do it easily themselves in QuickBooks.
I've said that so often that I've begun wondering whether I should start offering QuickBooks customization as a service to make up for my occasional big gaps between larger jobs. (No gigs today, for instance.) I know there's often big money to be made in reading instruction manuals--meaning that people are often willing to pay for things they could easily do themselves if they weren't too lazy to study up on how to do it

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Avanquest My Database Home & Business
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