Distribution software for small business

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Flexible Pricing & Hosting

  • Purchase, Lease, or Subscribe!

  • Distribution software for small business should have flexible pricing. ADS Solutions offers many options to fit the needs of growing small businesses:
    • Starter Package Subscription Plan Walk away at any time. Hardware and software are rented and hosted. No commitment beyond initial term.
    • Software Purchase or Lease Plan Buy or lease software and host it onsite for maximum control over hardware or work with an offsite host to minimize hardware maintenance headaches.

  • Choose On-Premise, Hosted, or an ERP Cloud Solution

      ADS Solutions offers small businesses the choice between:
    • traditional on-premise installed software
    • web-based (hosted) or cloud distribution software solutions

  • Intuit TurboTax Business Federal + E-File 2012 for PC [Download]
    Digital Software (Intuit)
    • Provides extra step-by-step guidance to help ensure accuracy and maximize business deductions
    • Identifies industry specific deductions and simplifies asset depreciation
    • Creates W-2 and 1099-MISC forms for your employees and contractors
    • Expert help when you need it, free
    • Includes Audit alerts and Free Federal E-File
    2004-07-21 11:04:36 by britestar

    Distribution software recommendations?

    We're in need of something more than just quickbooks or peachtree. we mostly do distribution and were hoping to find something that will run pos, inventory, accounting, and ecommerce without completely breaking the bank. for a small business it's hard to find the software we need to operate at a resonable price. i.e under $15k we've looked into Everest and Microsoft SBM but their IT fees are outrageous to get the software up and running

    2005-11-08 16:17:15 by partyb0y

    Need some legal advise, re: Software Development

    For 3 years, I worked as a 1099/contractor for a small start-up (web design) business.
    I never negotiated or signed a written/formal/legal contract, and never agreed to any form of patent, or licensing arrangement with the company.
    I developed a Web Application, which I then integrated into 500+ of their client's web sites.
    I am no longer working with that company, but they have since hired FT programmers oversea's, and are now selling and re-deploying the Web Application that I developed.
    I've so far been advised that... since I never signed a legal contract, and I was never a legal employee, that I DO own copyright of the Web Application, and can pursue legal action (or licensing fee's) in regards to their 're-distribution' of the product

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    Book (International Council of Small Business)
    Block Financial H&R Block At Home 2012 Premium & Business
    Software (Block Financial)
    • Corporation and S corporation
    • Partnership and LLC
    • Estates and trusts
    • Non-profit returns
    • Payroll and employer forms
    Intuit, Inc. QuickBooks Pro 2012 [OLD VERSION]
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    • Organize your business finances all in one place
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