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Tips for More Productive Intranet Virtual Meetings (Whether You re

Intranet Software enables an organization to securely share it's information or operations with it's members. It enables the efficient use and more importantly reuse of an organization's gathered business knowledge and intelligence, which increases productivity and knowledge transfer in any organization. Increasingly, extranets are also coming into use, where external partners, customers can also interact with an organization.

The need for Corporate Intranets

  • Interactions between known, remote members of organization need to be saved and stored
  • Exchange of tools, files, and information between team members and teams increases efficiency
  • Availability and transfer of knowledge throughout organization increases productivity
  • Controlled file and information storage and distribution is required
  • Large amounts of information need to be organized to be found easily

Corporate Intranets with is an open source collaborative knowledge management appliance delivered to entperises and small businesses in an On-Premise and SaaS model. enables teams, companies or communities to create, manage, organize, store, version, search through, collaborate and share any kind of information.

Content with quick formatting and image uploading

With you use a full-featured web based word processor to edit your content. You don't need to worry about how underlying HTML markup will be created,'s rich featured editor enables you to do everything from simple textual formatting (bold, underline, italics etc.) to complex wizard based HTML Table creation, to inline image placing and positioning.

Full text search inside any information or file. Enterprise class search features in enable you to search instantly inside uploaded content, files; even files inside zip files can be fully searched by

Users of your site can work collaboratively together on the same piece of information, and participate in reviewing created information by commenting on any individual piece of information.

With your information is always protected from unauthorized access - only authorized members of your site can access selective information.

Web based browser access means complete platform independence. You can access your Intranet from anywhere that you have access to the Internet.

Event calendar can be used to setup team meetings and collaboration about the meeting can be done in the event itself.

Using all your data is under an automatic revision control system but this is transparent to users, every body sees the most current version of managed resources without you having to worry how it all happens. Older versions can be instantly restored at a click.

Cloud Computing for Small Business
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I moved to Europe to get married, found at job a computer company, told them I was an expert, bought a book, My first project was developing Intranet software for DHL with PHP ans MSSQL SEVER, 2nd project was a eastern european recrutment application similar to built this with PHP and MySQL Company went bankrupt I opened a small business built some e-commerce sites and a realestate content engine(very cool application)
It is easy I already new some HTML and basic SQL, when you startr to build something you get instant experience(you just need a brain)
I am mid-se

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