Inventory Software for small business

Small Business Inventory SoftwareSmall-business owners face many challenges when they’re just starting up, such as securing financing, finding customers and managing inventory. Luckily, you can use inventory management software to make the job of managing your inventory much easier.

Inventory management software helps small businesses in three main ways:

1. Cut costs. For many businesses, inventory is their biggest expense. Small businesses don’t have money to waste, so they can’t tie it up in idle inventory. That’s why you should use small business inventory software to help you order just enough products so you won’t have a shortage or overstock.

2. Increase productivity. Inventory management involves a lot of juggling. Business owners have to constantly keep track of how much inventory they have on hand, how much they are going to need and how long it will take to receive new inventory. Small business inventory software helps managers accomplish all of this in a fraction of the amount of time it would take to do it all by hand.

3. Eliminate errors. When you have a small operation, you might be tempted to keep costs down by doing all of your accounting and inventory management by hand or in Excel spreadsheets. But if you write or type orders by hand, you run the risk of making typos or other errors.

Using barcode scanners and inventory management software virtually eliminates these errors from your recordkeeping. It also helps you be more productive because if you know that your inventory records are accurate, you don’t have to do time-consuming physical checks of your inventory very often.

No matter what industry your small business is in, you can enjoy many benefits by using inventory management software. It may not help you find financing or customers, but it can help you save money and keep the customers you have happy.

2010-11-02 16:53:48 by TRIOpolous

WASP Inventory Control software and hardware

Awhile back I was looking into starting a project with a friend, and we were going to be using this inventory management software. But since, we have decided not to go through with this project and I am trying to relinquish some of my loses. This software and hardware is unused and still has the prodcut key to go with it. If you are unfamiliar, WASP Inventory Control software is great for use of keeping track of assests for a small, medium or even large business. I have two software licenses, and many extras....
For sale I have the following:
Inventory Control v5 Std, Inventory Tracking Software
Additional Inventory Control v5 Mobile License
Wasp WPL305 Desktop Barcode Printer

2005-03-12 19:59:42 by QV

Accounting software suggestion from RE pros?

I'm looking for suggestions on money-management/accounting software that works well for RE pros.
I've looked at MS Money, Quicken...but am not sure about these programs. The small business editions of these seem to go too far into invoicing, inventory, payroll and the like; but the more basic versions don't seem to have features to help w/ real estate.
Am interested in finding out what others use for their rental properties and/or expense tracking/budgeting as a RE agent.

2009-12-29 18:15:49 by seek3r

You wanting buisness software, or technical

Software? Mitchell or Motors make the tech manuals (including interchanges and flat rates), but they don't have much for business problems.
If you are looking for forms or service contracts, or work orders, your best bet is to create those yourself. Any decent word processor should be able to handle the document creation. Consult your local library or city hall (or the internet) for information pertaining to ordinances, requirements, liabilities, and stuff like that. I am not aware of any software that generates anything usable, since things like that vary from location to location

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