Quicken software for small business

Claims of high-pressure sales, fraud at odds with Quicken Loans

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Online Banking with Quicken® Integrating Quicken® and your Wells Fargo accounts is an easy way to check balances, transfer funds, pay bills and much more, directly through your software:
  • Access your Wells Fargo business checking, savings, and credit card accounts through your software.
  • Download your Wells Fargo account information directly into your Quicken® software so that you can automatically reconcile transactions.
  • Transfer funds between your Wells Fargo accounts.
Paying Bills Once you've enrolled in Quicken®, add Business Bill Pay so you can:
  • Pay bills anytime and anywhere in the U.S. through your software.
  • Schedule payments in advance to merchants and individual vendors.
  • Set up recurring payments for ongoing expenses, like your utilities bills or lease payments.
  • Online Banking with Quicken is $9.95 per month.
  • Online Banking and Bill Pay with Quicken is $14.95 per month.
What You Need To Enroll
  • Quicken software for Windows (current or prior two years) or Macintosh (2006-2007). Quicken Mac Essential (2010) is not supported due to limitations in the software’s online banking options. See the retirement page for exceptions.
  • A Wells Fargo business checking account. If you don't already have a Wells Fargo business checking account, you can apply online. Once your account is open, you can enroll in Online Banking with Quicken®.
  • A Wells Fargo Online® username and password.
How to Get Started
  • Sign up for Wells Fargo Online if you haven’t done so already.
  • Open your Quicken software to enroll your accounts. Save 20% on Quicken purchases.
  • Select Wells Fargo Bank as your Financial Institution.
  • Log in with your Wells Fargo Online username and password.

2003-01-02 15:36:30 by MindforBody

Should I buy Quicken for my small business?

I have recently started a business that consits of me seeing private clients, offering workshops, and providing corporate programs(invoices and cash business). I am looking for an accounting software program. I have seen only lukewarm reviews for Quicken Home and Business. Any recommendations? Is Microsoft Money better?

2009-09-02 07:05:28 by -

Quicken Home & Business

Quickbooks is for business accounting. Don't use it for your personal finances--don't even thing of it.
Depending upon your type of business, if your business is small and simple, you may be better off with Quicken's Home & Business software.
Ultimately though you need to do a bit of research before deciding what software to buy. Quicken has a rebate program for people who bought the wrong software from them. See their website.

2009-01-02 13:21:55 by timothyaron

Good Accounting Software?

I have a small consulting business (I'm the only employee) and I've been doing all of my accounting in Excel for the past year and a half. I was thinking about purchasing accounting software, but it seems like every one out there has been given terrible reviews by users. Quicken, QuickBooks, PeachTree -- I can't find any that seem to be well-liked.
I also looked at open-source options, but they seem more complicated and I'm worried about support and bugs (though seemingly the licensed products have those issues as well).
My main needs are creating invoices, tracking expenses and income, and seeing an overall balance sheet

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