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AccountEdge comes in two versions: Pro and Basic.

Free iOS app

Available on the for iPhone and iPad.

Why AccountEdge for Mac?

We know you didn’t start your business to be an accountant (apologies to any CPAs reading this). And we won’t tell you that we make accounting easy (just easier).

We do know that we can help you to do the important work of managing your business with free email support, tons of help resources, and 20+ years of Mac small business experience.

Two sizes: Pro and Basic

AccountEdge comes in two versions: Pro and Basic. AccountEdge Pro manages your banking, sales and purchases, inventory, payroll, and time billing, and works with our entire lineup of add-ons and business services, including credit cards and payroll.

AccountEdge Basic is a slimmer version of Pro, and it’s right for small businesses that don’t need all of the features of Pro.

Switching from QuickBooks?

"Can I switch from QuickBooks?" Our
favorite question. Research feature and
cost comparisons, learn how to switch
to AccountEdge, ask to speak
to a specialist, and more.

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MYOB US FirstEdge for Mac - Small Business Management and Accounting
Software (MYOB US)
  • FirstEdge is a small business accounting application for the Macintosh platform that manages banking, sales, and general ledger entries.
  • It also tracks customers, jobs, and items, and includes optional features credit card processing and full service payroll.
2007-09-15 21:49:52 by 4girls4me

Mac Credit Card Processing Software

Hello. I am starting my own small business, which I will be running from the convenience of my own home. I am looking for some software that allows me to process credit cards on my mac. It looks like Quickbooks only works on PC. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would rather not have to rent or buy a processing machine.
Thank you.

2010-12-02 08:25:57 by sfjman

Paid Mac IT Support?

What is a fair price to pay for home/small business Mac IT support for things like network setup, system setup, email/web hosting implementation/changes, software selection/install, backup protocols, tutorial and troubleshooting of Mac/Windows switcher issues? Should it be hourly or fee based? Is remote support something you're open to for simple questions? How much is that worth?
I imagine some will jump on this and say anyone who pays is stupid because Macs are so easy to use. But what if someone either doesn't have time to learn even the simple stuff or is just confused by various aspects of the process

2012-07-25 20:30:33 by CapnSpanky

Of course it's a good *business* move

From a business perspective Apple's leading the curve as always. I'm just sad I'm no longer in a market of any interest to Apple.
It's a good move from a cost saving perspective too. Eventually they'd like to fully integrate iOS and MacOS into one codebase. Apple doesn't make any money on software. They'd love to maintain only one OS rather than two. The more code the two OS's have in common, the better for Apple's bottom line.
I fully understand the wonderful new world of a few billion consumers tweeting and chatting on their smartphones and pads, while a relatively small number of people still use computers as computers

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