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If you're in the software industry, or if you want to offer software as a new revenue stream, you've got a few options of how to get the software developed. Which you choose depends on your time, money and technical skills.

Software is a product, just like a stuffed animal or car. Just because you sell the software doesn't mean you necessarily have to produce it in-house, although that is an option. You can outsource the work completely to a software design firm or freelancer, or you can take a hybrid approach, developing part of the work in-house and working with a programmer or designer outside the company to complete it. Whatever you choose will depend on three components: time, money and technical skills.

How Much Time Do You Have?

As a small business owner, you may be a great programmer, but simply may not have the time needed to fully develop your software. After all, you're also running your business, paying bills and managing employees. In this case, it may make more sense to outsource the work.

On the other hand, if you've quit your day job to realize your dreams of selling your own software, you've got nothing but time to produce the software. You can't go sell it until you have the product, so you can immerse yourself into the programming and designing until the final product is ready.

If you have plenty of time up front to start the software but then get busy, you can bring in a freelancer or firm to complete the work.

Check the Budget

Usually the biggest factor into where the software gets built is money. Can you afford to hire a professional firm to design your software? Maybe not. What about a freelancer with the right skills but a lower price? This may be an option, but if not, you'll need to have internal resources (you or an employee) to take on the entire design project.

If you have a long timeline until the software project needs to begin, you may be able to set aside money in the budget to cover the development. But don't forget to plan for the unforeseen expenses that often accompany any type of project; if you add features to the software as you go along, this will add to the budget (and timeline).

What's Your Level of Technology?

If you're a programmer, it should be fairly easy to churn out code. But if you don't have the skills necessary to develop the type of software you want, it's important to realize this up front so that you can find the right talent to make the software as successful as possible. This could be a good opportunity for collaboration: you can take on all the programming work that you're skilled for, and a firm or freelancer can cover the design, back end or other components where you're lacking skills.

Getting Started

Michael Mock Open Source Software for Small Business
eBooks (Michael Mock)
2007-10-03 08:14:41 by zoma_79

Hi All - Opening a new IT business in S Jersey

HI All,
Im in the process of opening a new IT business that will focus on computer repair, networking, web design and software development for small businesses.
Any advise will be needed greatly. I recently moved from New York to New Jersey to peg my tenth.
I have broad certfications in programming in java and microsoft .net with experience working in different industries.
Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

2010-11-09 21:27:15 by edugirl

Resources for starting your business.

Check out the Small Business Administration website. That is a federal program, I think through the Department of Commerce.
Check out your local Small Business Development Center (SBDC), which gets funding from the SBA. They will have a lot of local resources and info pertinent to the laws of your state and locality.
For the books, you can probably get yourself up and running for AR and AP using software, but you should learn as much as you can about how bookkeeping is done.
My local SBDC holds seminars on starting a business, and they recommend very strongly relying on a CPA to manage the accounting (financial statements, reports, taxes, etc.).

2010-05-18 14:09:29 by sftechieguy

Slogan Suggestions For a Small IT Company

I need some help thinking of a slogan for our small IT solutions company. The company name is Platinum Business Systems. We provide IT solutions (database design and management, custom information systems, web and software development and IT consulting) to small and mid-sized businesses. In particular, we target businesses who don't have an extensive IT department (or who do not have one at all).
Many thanks in advance for any ideas!

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