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5 Free and Open-Source Software Alternatives for Small Businesses

Cloud services are fundamentally transforming how small businesses operate. No longer do they need to tie up thousands of dollars in local IT infrastructure. With the advent of the cloud, businesses can instead source software and other services directly from the cloud, pay as they go, enjoy a high-quality user experience and access support in real time. Virtually any small business forming today will start using cloud applications on day one and never look back.

To help these business owners, we’re introducing Upware a simple to use, cloud-based marketplace stocked with applications from Comcast and partners to meet a range of business needs. We’ve organized the store into three simple aisles that include data backup, data security and collaboration tools from industry-leading companies including Box, Carbonite, DigitalSafe, Microsoft, Mozy, Norton, Soonr, Websense and YouSendIt.

In the past, small businesses struggled with a scarcity of IT. Ironically, the cloud flips the small business IT challenge on its head. The cloud suddenly brings a huge number of IT choices to the small business owner. However, in a world with hundreds of easily accessible cloud-based options, small business owners struggle with a number of issues that Upware is uniquely designed to address.

First, small business owners face too many choices and they don’t know who to trust. For Upware, we set the bar high in terms of the service quality we expect for our customers. Each vendor was chosen because they are able to deliver the kind of business-grade solutions our customers should expect.

Second, managing user IDs and passwords for business software can be a real headache for a small business owner. For example, a 10 employee company using five cloud applications can mean managing 50 different accounts. Our Upware website, however, makes it easy for business owners to manage all their employee accounts and grant application access as needed. Employees, in turn, simply log in to the Upware portal and start their cloud applications with one click.

Third, when there are support issues with a cloud service, who do business owners call? The Upware support team can diagnose whether a problem is due to Internet access, a user-id issue or if an issue is with a partner service itself. If it’s a problem with the Internet connection, the Upware login or basic troubleshooting related to a partner application, we can address it directly. If a problem with a partner application is beyond our staff’s ability to solve, we’ve established live transfer support to each Upware partner.

We’re offering business owners a whole new set of tools to help them connect to the cloud and be competitive. Upware offers a great selection of partners right now and we’ll continue to carefully select and add new solutions in the near future.

Intuit TurboTax Home & Business Federal + E-File + State 2012 for PC [Download]
Digital Software (Intuit)
  • Helps you get every dollar you deserve from your personal and small business taxes
  • Extra guidance for self-employment and small business deductions
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2006-03-14 17:24:49 by manual_entry

Small business CC and e-check processing

I work at a small business that provides a service to other small business owners. Applications will be faxed in and the customer will provide a credit card number or check number (routing numbur + account number) to pay for the service.
I need a system that will allow me to enter credit card numbers and check numbers manually to receive payment. So far, all I can find are services for the customer to apply online.
Anyone know if it's even possible to manually process credit cards and check numbers and where I'd go looking for software or a terminal?

2005-12-22 09:30:21 by TinyLittleFeat

Small Business Bookkeeping Question

I own a very small business in auto repair. I was recently approached by a small bookkeeping company to "outsource" this work. Currently, I use Quickbooks and spend about eight-ten hours each month with the software. Frankly, I get confused sometimes with the credits and debits, and it isn't perfect but it basically works.
My hourly rate for repair is $65.00, so in theory, I could make $520 during the time I spend bookkeeping. Most decent bookkeepers want $20-25/hr. (yes, I know I can get them for $8/hr. but I've found you get what you pay for).
A decent bookkeeper is going to run me $100-150 per month

2006-01-24 10:16:29 by summerhill

Small Biz Owners - just saw this in ETC, you

Might be interested. From another small business owner here on Craigs List
Reply to:
Date: 2006-01-23, 3:45PM PST
1 on 1 Focus Group
$150 for Small Biz Owners
We are looking for small business owners or the business decision makers of companies with 5 employees or less to discuss their current accounting methods. This is for a research project which will involve a 2-hour interview that will take place in your office the week of February 6 or the week of February 13. In appreciation of your time you will be given $150.00.
No attempt will be made to sell any products or services to you as a result of your participation

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