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Small business enterprises are often run from a small office with just a few computers. The right business software programs are essential to running the operations of your store, office or enterprise. With the right software, you can even run your business right from your home. Here are some of the most essential software programs for any small business or home business.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

This is a nifty program that allows you to speak into a microphone and have your words turned into text. You can record thoughts on the fly, and have them transcribed onto paper in minutes. This is a solid voice recognition software application that could make your life a lot easier. Spend 2 hours getting it set up and teaching it to recognize your voice. By the end of the day you'll have a valuable tool. Dictate letters, documents or just notes to yourself. I especially use it for the latter, to scatter ideas onto paper. Cost is $199 for the full package.

PDF Converter Pro

Also from Nuance, this program will convert your PDF files into Word documents. Let's face it, PDF files are the worst invention of all time. As a translator I often reject jobs that involve PDF's, and I find that working with them is a bit like working with a rock. There is no flexibility. Use a solid PDF Converter to change them into more workable, flexible text documents. Most good conversion programs cost about $75 to $190, and this one is $99. Free online converters will just give you blocks of graphic files. Those free converters are useless. You need a good OCR (Optical Character Recognition) within the conversion program.


Free and open source, Open Office is the best solution for all your writing and editing needs. Its interface and tools surpass the expensive Microsoft Office Suite, and all of its functions are fully compatible with MS. This means you can still exchange and edit documents and spreadsheets with MS Word and Excel users. The multiple functions of OpenOffice include a word editor, a spreadsheet, graphic designer, and math processor. I have used OO for more than a year now, and I find them easier and more functional that their competition. There is even a plug-in for translators to translate works sentence by sentence. Since OO is a free open source program, updates come quick and easy. This allows you to stay current without affecting your wallet. OpenOffice is a must-have for small businesses, even if you already use other word programs.

Turbo-Cash Free Accounting

Free is always a good word for small businesses. Turbo-Cash is a free accounting program that allows you to manage your daily business operations. It is open source, and has good forum help in an online community. It is also available for many phones and mobile / wap devices. The price is zero, but the performance is high.

Intuit Quicken Home & Business 2014 [Download]
Digital Software (Intuit)
  • Organizes your personal and home based business finances in one place
  • Identifies tax-deductible home business expenses and shows your profit and loss at a glance
  • Creates customized invoices and estimates
  • Creates Schedule C reports to save you time on taxes
2003-01-02 15:36:30 by MindforBody

Should I buy Quicken for my small business?

I have recently started a business that consits of me seeing private clients, offering workshops, and providing corporate programs(invoices and cash business). I am looking for an accounting software program. I have seen only lukewarm reviews for Quicken Home and Business. Any recommendations? Is Microsoft Money better?

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Microsoft Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013  (1PC/1User) [Download]
Digital Software (Microsoft)
  • Product download occurs on Details about the download process are listed below.
  • The latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook
  • One time purchase for the life of your PC; limited to one licensed computer at a time and transfer eligibility restrictions apply.
  • NOTE: Does not include Publisher or Access.
  • NOTE: Windows XP and Vista NOT supported. This product requires Windows 7 or newer operating systems.
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Microsoft Software Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 [Old Version]
Software (Microsoft Software)
  • One year of free unlimited support.
  • Integrates fully with Microsoft Office 2003 Editions.
  • Designed to be installed in-house by the small business itself.
  • Create quotes, invoices, and purchase orders easily; manage inventory; track payroll and timesheets; forecast cash flow; and more.
  • With more than 60 lists and reports that can easily be customized, you can forecast and track cash flow, inventory, and sales.
Microsoft Press Microsoft Office 365: Connect and Collaborate Anywhere, Anytime
Book (Microsoft Press)
Intuit QuickBooks Pro 2014 [Download]
Digital Software (Intuit)
  • Easy to set up, learn and use
  • Organize everything in one place and save time on everyday tasks
  • Track how your business is doing with one-click financial, tax and sales reports
  • Get the information you need with easy-to-use reports
  • Get complete and reliable records at tax time

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