Time Tracking Software for Small Business


What Is Harvest?

Harvest is a web-based time tracking and invoicing application. Trusted by thousands of businesses in over 100 countries, from freelancers to small businesses to departments within Fortune 500 companies.

Harvest Feature Highlights

  • Web-based, nothing to install
  • Time tracking and reporting
  • Expense tracking
  • Fast online invoicing
  • Desktop time tracking for Mac & PC
  • iPhone and Android apps available
  • Export to QuickBooks, Excel, CSV

What People Are Saying

“Within the first week of rollout and very light training, Harvest has become an integral tool for managing our day to day and longer term time management goals.

– Dave Rosen of Big Spaceship

Integration with QuickBooks

QuickBooks time tracking is easy with Harvest. Simply use Harvest online time tracking to track time for you and your employees. Your company can enter time in real-time or submit a weekly timesheet. When it’s time for bookkeeping, export your timesheet data from Harvest into QuickBooks.

Supported QuickBooks Versions
  • QuickBooks for Windows (2006-2013)

Harvest Online Timesheet Features

  • Record time in multiple ways with Harvest
  • Daily time tracking
  • Weekly timesheets
  • Timesheet approval
  • Hassle-free automated timesheet reminders
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2007-06-01 20:25:36 by --

Useful, small sized time tracking software?

My company has gone crazy with asking us to track our workday time in greater detail. We're no longer allowed to write vague stuff like "Ten hours of business analysis."
But they're too cheap to give us software to help with time tracking. They will let us use personal software if it's not installed on the computer--that is, I can run personal software from a thumb drive.
Can someone please tell me of some time tracking software that'll work like that? I use AllNetic software at home for tracking freelance work, but it won't work without being installed. That's the kind of thing I want though

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