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At AT&T, we understand the unique needs that small businesses owners have when it comes to running their businesses. We know the important role that technology plays in helping small businesses grow, while keeping revenue high and costs in check. We know how important it is that technology be reliable and current. Lost data, network disruptions, and underperforming technology, including devices and other equipment, could mean huge losses for big corporations, but for small businesses, they can mean that the mortgage doesn’t get paid.

The telecommunications needs of small businesses primarily center around three basic categories:


Anytime, virtually anywhere connection is critical to success for small businesses, so wireless devices become a lifeline — helping business owners juggle personal and business needs while on the run. For many, their wireless device becomes an “office in their pocket, ” enhancing productivity and enabling them to take their business wherever they go, whether it be to a client meeting or on a family vacation.

As business grows, small business owners often need to extend capabilities to more employees, and implement more advanced applications, to improve productivity and maximize efficiencies. There are many innovative mobile applications that can help fulfill business needs, from sending and receiving email and browsing the Internet, to mobile payment acceptance and fleet management solutions.

Some key Wireless from AT&T offerings include:


AT&T offers one of the industry’s most innovative selections of mobile devices, including smartphones — e.g., the iPhone; Android BlackBerry and Windows 8 devices, and handsets from several other manufacturers; tablets — e.g., the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1; rugged devices for construction companies, like the Samsung Rugby III and Galaxy Rugby Pro; quick messaging devices; and mini-computers or netbooks from such manufacturers as Acer.

AT&T offers wireless devices which use various operating systems, including iPhone OS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows 8, so small businesses have many options available to best meet their needs.

Shared data plans

AT&T offers shared mobile data plans to make it easier and more affordable to do business on the go, including:

Mobile Share
Customers choose the amount of data they want each month, then select the devices to be included in the shared data plan. (At least one device must be a smartphone.)

Mobile Share - Data
Offers businesses shared data “buckets” for tablets, laptops and other connected devices.

Business Pooled Nation for Data
For businesses that need data sharing for more than 25 devices.

D-Link Systems, Inc. D-Link Wireless N+300 Mbps Extreme-N Gigabit Router (DIR-655)
CE (D-Link Systems, Inc.)
  • Delivers up to 14x faster speeds* and 6x farther range* than 802.11g means greater coverage for your entire home or office
  • Ideal for streaming HD video or streaming multiple applications simultaneously
  • Intelligent QoS technology prioritizes both wired and wireless Internet traffic to enable enhanced gaming and phone calling (VoIP) experience
  • Gigabit Ports for Incredible Wired Network Speeds
  • Dual active firewall protection (SPI & NAT) helps block malicious attacks on networks from the Internet.
2010-06-06 03:20:42 by WhatIsGood

Small Business Trade Group Changes its Stance on

Dan Danner, CEO of the National Federation of Independent Business, recently reversed the NFIB's position on ObamaCare and joined the growing number of states which are challenging the ObamaCare mandated health insurance requirement in court. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Danner argued that ObamaCare is "death by a thousand cuts for small business owners." Consider that ObamaCare:
• Increases Overall Cost. The Congressional Budget Office recently revised its cost estimate, increasing original projections by $115 billion. The actual price is now estimated to be more than $1 trillion

2010-09-15 01:58:04 by tevie_the_nice

Republicans Promote Simple Solutions for Recover

Republicans Promote Simple Solutions for Recovery (Fewer Taxes, Less Spending)
Center for Fiscal Accountability ^ | 9/13/10 | CFA
Posted on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 5:40:45 PM by Andrea19
..."It is painfully clear that excessive spending by government, coupled with the looming threat of a $3.8 trillion tax hike on January 1 that will raise taxes on 56% of all business income -- including on the vast majority of the small businesses that are the engines of job creation -- will further discourage private-sector job creation. If both parties are serious in the pledges we have made to focus on jobs, it is critical that legislators on both sides of the aisle come together and use what time remains in this Congress to enact legislation that removes these harmful barriers to...

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BUFFALO BUFFALO AirStation HighPower N600 Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router WZR-600DHP
Personal Computer (BUFFALO)
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  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • HighPower Technology
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  • Data Link Protocol Ethernet, Fast Ethernet
  • Network / Transport Protocol oE
  • Communication Mode Full-duplex
  • Full duplex capability, firewall protection, switching, manageable
Motorola Motorola 2247-N8 Wireless DSL Modem
CE (Motorola)
  • And convenient package?making it the perfect networking solution for the home, home office, or small business
  • Assures advanced Quality of Service (QoS) for Wi-Fi delivery of Voice-over-IP (VoIP), IPTV, and streaming broadcast-quality video.
Samsung Samsung Galaxy S4, White (Verizon Wireless)
Wireless (Samsung)
  • Display: 5.0-inches
  • Camera: 13-MP
  • Processor Speed: 1.9 GHz
  • OS: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)

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