Cloud backup solutions for small business

But really, what’s so great about Online Storage?


Ever spent hours working on a proposal only to lose your document when the power suddenly went out? Not when you're using a cloud storage solution. GoDaddy's Online Storage protects critical files from theft, flood, outage or other mishaps simply and affordably.

What's so great about online data storage? When your documents, photos, videos, and presentations are stored in the "cloud, " they're safer than if they were simply saved on your hard drive. Your office could burn to the ground, and files saved to online file storage would still be safe and sound.

But here's the best part: With online document storage, you can open files from any Mac®, PC, iPad® or smartphone – any connected device – any time of the night or day! Your documents, photos, and more are always close at hand, no matter where you happen to be.

Online cloud storage services let users store, back up and share documents quickly and securely, collaborate with other users, show off their videos and slideshows, and share with Facebook® and Twitter®.

For more information, see our Online Storage product support page

Who is Online Storage for?

Online Storage is for just about anyone:

  • Small businesses that need to share files with each other quickly and easily.
  • People on the go who need to access their important files anywhere without fear of losing something as small as a thumb drive.
  • Anyone who owns a computer and wants to share or securely store their files.

For more information, see the Online Storage Reference Guide.

What are the benefits of's online storage solution?

There are plenty of benefits you can enjoy with Online Storage:

  • Our online document storage solution is affordable and easy to use. We offer extremely competitive pricing with drive mapping, mobile access, no file-type limitations, and no added IT or hardware costs.
  • You have complete control of your data – you get online file storage, online file sharing and an online backup solution all in one package.
  • Our online cloud storage simplifies your cloud storage needs without the cost and complexity of other online data storage solutions.
  • We keep your files safe during transfer to and from your account with powerful 256-bit encryption.
  • Online Storage offers integration with other users and mobile devices. Plus, it's highly accessible, which makes it ideal for anyone. Upload files quickly and easily from your mobile device, an FTP client, or drag and upload from your desktop.

How much can I store in my Online Storage account?

GoDaddy's online file storage plans have no storage limits, so you can even make online backups of large files like videos and high-resolution photos. And there's no limit on how many files you can store.

What if I want to share something stored in my Online Storage account?

Forget emailing large files only to find they've been blocked because they're too big! Email a link to your Online Storage file instead. With online document storage, presentations and reports can be opened and edited by anyone you choose – even multiple people at once, with all comments condensed into one.

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Small Business Trade Group Changes its Stance on

Dan Danner, CEO of the National Federation of Independent Business, recently reversed the NFIB's position on ObamaCare and joined the growing number of states which are challenging the ObamaCare mandated health insurance requirement in court. In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Danner argued that ObamaCare is "death by a thousand cuts for small business owners." Consider that ObamaCare:
• Increases Overall Cost. The Congressional Budget Office recently revised its cost estimate, increasing original projections by $115 billion. The actual price is now estimated to be more than $1 trillion

2010-09-15 01:58:04 by tevie_the_nice

Republicans Promote Simple Solutions for Recover

Republicans Promote Simple Solutions for Recovery (Fewer Taxes, Less Spending)
Center for Fiscal Accountability ^ | 9/13/10 | CFA
Posted on Tuesday, September 14, 2010 5:40:45 PM by Andrea19
..."It is painfully clear that excessive spending by government, coupled with the looming threat of a $3.8 trillion tax hike on January 1 that will raise taxes on 56% of all business income -- including on the vast majority of the small businesses that are the engines of job creation -- will further discourage private-sector job creation. If both parties are serious in the pledges we have made to focus on jobs, it is critical that legislators on both sides of the aisle come together and use what time remains in this Congress to enact legislation that removes these harmful barriers to...

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