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Small business often have small budgets, and many times having a custom ecommerce solution developed simply isn't feasible or practical (or, let's be honest, necessary). Fortunately, for the small retailer who wants to get online and start selling quickly, there are several great options available in the form of hosted services and subscription-based web applications.E2986d35

Below, we'll take a look at five of those options, their average cost, basic requirements and what sets them apart.3e725cc6 Our list is by no means exhaustive. There are many great services available, and we urge you to consider them all to find the one that's just right for your business. Let us know which one you use in the comments.

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Microsoft Press Small Business Solutions for E-Commerce (EU-Smart Solutions)
Book (Microsoft Press)
2006-05-23 09:14:38 by ssls_paypal_etc

Some ecommerce questions - merchant accounts,

I am a graphic/ web designer, this is my first ecommerce project. I built a beautiful store using Zen Cart (great software by the way). Now that I've got this store built, I am am trying to figure out what I need to do now. I am doing this on the cheap for a friend since it is my first go at ecommerce. I figured he needed an SSL certificate, went to verisign and had no idea it costs upwards of $1000? Does he really need this? Also, I was pricing Merchant Acconts - around $20 a month sound right?
I did a little research and saw that Paypal will allow you to accept credit cards, even if the customer does not have an account, and you can customize the checkout page so nobody knows they are at Paypal

2006-11-12 18:58:15 by wondering3030

FIXED (what is wrong with my job advertisement)

Ok, I listened to everyone's advice, ran some numbers, made some changes (big painful changes) and here is what i have...
IT Sales :: $25k Base + Commission
Company Profile

We are a brand new IT consulting firm based in Franklin, TN
specializing in small business. We provide services including:

Desktop and Server administration
Custom software
Security analysis
PC installation/repair/upgrades
Customer relationship management
Webdesign – Ecommerce Solutions
Graphic design
Disaster preparedness / recovery solutions

Job Description

This position involves direct contact with small business

owners/decision makers at their place of business as...

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