IT Solutions for Small Businesses

We understand that you want solutions to work, no matter what. We take pride in providing our industry-leading technology to small and medium businesses in a way that’s powerful enough to protect an enterprise-sized company, yet designed for smaller companies.

Security Made Simple

Let us do the job of protecting the information and devices that keep your business prospering, so you can focus on growing your business.

Advanced Protection Through the Cloud

Symantec cloud services provide essential protection while virtually eliminating the need to manage hardware and software on site.

Automatic Email Archival & Continuity

Automatically store your email, IM, Chatter, Box, and Sharepoint content in the cloud—quickly and easily, for on-demand search and retrieval.

Disaster Recovery Anytime, Anywhere

When disaster strikes, it can mean the end for many businesses. We won’t let this happen to you: now you can securely recover your business’s critical data—24/7.

Protect Your Virtualization Infrastructure

VMware-integrated software offers proven effectiveness, maximum performance, and centralized workflow automations across both physical and virtual platforms.

Protect and Grow Your Online Business

Combine cutting-edge SSL Certificates, anti-malware, vulnerability protection, and the #1 trust mark on the web to get a business boosting Website Security Solution. Protect your apps with the #1 provider of code signing.

Task Force Tips

In 1968, a Gary, Indiana, fire captain named Clyde McMillan sketched a new automatic fire hose nozzle on a napkin, and soon thereafter began manufacturing it in his basement. That business is now Task Force Tips and employs some 180 people who design, manufacture, and sell precision nozzles used by firefighters worldwide.

2010-05-18 14:09:29 by sftechieguy

Slogan Suggestions For a Small IT Company

I need some help thinking of a slogan for our small IT solutions company. The company name is Platinum Business Systems. We provide IT solutions (database design and management, custom information systems, web and software development and IT consulting) to small and mid-sized businesses. In particular, we target businesses who don't have an extensive IT department (or who do not have one at all).
Many thanks in advance for any ideas!

2008-04-08 17:53:40 by 3Ddesigner

Yeah why does it seem as though..

The system of government in these areas is perpetuating an arena where only the big boys and large scale solutions are valid? We need our geovernment to return to an active support of small time businesses and subsidies for the home DIYer / homesteader. I live in an urban setting so hydro is not a possibility for me but I could put solar and windpower to good use if I could get over the major cost hurdle of the power switching and regulation and the code approved grid connections. If I were younger like in my 20s or 30s I would bite the bullet and finance $20k or so to get my foot in the alternative power door

2008-06-16 08:57:57 by mnatanski

Need some advice from the IT geniuses out there

I'm a sales rep for this IT company now. I'm having a hard time finding leads to sell networking solutions to small-medium size businesses.
Does anyone know types of companies that are looking for these services?
I've been looking at insurance, law, and construction mostly.
Any advice?

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